What could a No Deal Brexit do for the index?

  • @Timothee-Atouba what are you basing the blind optimism on? The fine job our government are doing of leading us through this process? The fine performance of our currency? The number of valuable natural resources we have to offer? The wonderful plan our briliant leaders have when we are out of the EU?

  • @NewUser303261 To be honest I think all of your points bar the natural resources are all because of the current uncertainty surrounding brexit. The currency is in limbo, the government are consumed by brexit and don’t seem to be addressing anything else.
    The country’s wounds will not heal until we are on our own and everybody knows what terms that we are working and living under.
    After that I’m optimistic.

  • @Timothee-Atouba the government are completely incompetent. The current mess is totally of their own making and they could not be handling it worse. Their tract record even before the referendum was rubbish so I don't buy that.

    A flourishing UK post brexit would depend on a strong government and good leadership. All evidence is saying the opposite is true.

  • @NewUser303261 That’s fair enough, I don’t completely disagree with that but to remain in a union governing our nation because we don’t think our current government are up to the job certainly isn’t a solution.

  • @Timothee-Atouba what governing decisions from the EU are wrecking our country?

    Cuts to the nhs and police?

    Tax breaks for the rich?

    Bailing out the banks with tax payers money?

    The rulings that allowed Greenfield to happen?

    Going into an illegal war?

    Just to let you know, all of those were due yo decisions by the British government

  • @Timothee-Atouba And now 2 PMs in a row got into the position without a public election since the referendum.

    All in the name of democracy I guess?

  • @NewUser303261 Look. I’ve taken your point of view considerately, agreed with some of it to an extent.
    You’re not right, I’m not right, the country is split. We’ve had our “once in a generation vote” and that’s that.

  • Has anyone changed their opinions through this debate? 🤔


    Let's just leave it there.

    The remain are saying how bad it will be (nobody knows yet)

    Leave are saying we need to leave, we may have to take a step back before taking 2 forward. We don't like the current system anyway so want to take the chance.

    Nobodys opinion will change until we do it.

    End of.

  • @Specksynder said in What could a No Deal Brexit do for the index?:

    It's a well known (and possibly apocryphal ) fact that gambling thrives in times of economic crisis so if it goes tits up FI will benefit, if it doesn't, it will continue to thrive as it has been doing.

    Disagree with this a little bit because traditional gambling usually does do well in economic downturns, i.e Joe Bloggs working at the bank has to take a pay cut and thinks putting a tenner on that 5 fold accumulator might win big and pay for the holiday he can no longer have. But Mr Bloggs is unlikely to start putting big money into longer term bets or investments and if he has money tied up here, it probably the first place he's gonna withdraw it from to pay for said holiday.

    I actually think the biggest threat to FI is if the pound drops even lower after Brexit and the BOE put up interest rates then suddenly ISAs, bonds and other 'safe' investments are going to start looking more attractive and divert money away from 'risky' investments. People will still put the hundred in here or there but I think we could lose a lot of the £10,000+ people who are coming at it from an investment point of view rather than just gambling.

  • The UK is screwed now. Brexit will ruin all of us for a generation. I was hoping to retire but with all this quantitative easing I had to carry on working. The pound has been trashed.
    The index will go on. I might have to fund my retirement through it. Hopefully as part of our new trade deals we can negotiate free gambling access for other countries to it.

  • Bloody hell some absolute shite spoken in here by people who’ve spent too much time on Twitter.

    We voted leave but let’s make it right for the country. No-one can deliver Brexit because it’s an impossible job and leaving without a Deal is fucking stupid. I work in Supply Chain and have been involved in No Deal planning and can tell you if it goes ahead we are fucked unless you trade against the £. It’s alright though call me a pessimist but I’ll call you a bellend in return.

    Self destructing our economy and expecting Trump to give is a good deal is just naivety. It’s alright though cos at least we can have our own fish.

    FI will be fine, will probably just have less small traders about as people will have less disposable income when the cost of living rises

  • Can we please end this thread and get back to football as this is pointless.

    Whatever people’s opinions, it’s only their views and no one here or in the government know exactly what the right thing to do.

  • @gloryhornet88 hey man can you please delete this thread.
    It’s a negative topic of conversation and is only descending into chaos and abuse between traders.
    Everyone has the right to their opinion but a FI forum is not the place for this debate.
    No worries if you don’t wanna delete, I’ll just not read it.
    Cheers ✌🏻

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  • Or just don't read a thread about brexit if you're not interested. Just threxit

  • How about you just don't read it? Personally I think it's one of the biggest topics on the near horizon for FI and I'm interested in peoples views - opposing or otherwise. For anyone not interested there is an option to ignore the thread so you won't even know the conversation is happening...

  • To be honest, there isn't much football discussion at the moment. Most threads are over 2 hours old. Brexit could impact FI and I am interested in others views.

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  • Amusing to see people wanting to shut down conversation because they don't like what they read ...

    The initial question regarding a no deal Brexit impact on Football Index is worth thinking about if you've got money invested!

    With Football Index looking to expand into other territories, which would sustain the growth of the platform, I wonder what the implications are on securing licenses post Brexit to operate in other European countries?

  • A no deal brexit, started by a bunch of uber rich posh boys who know that the best way to make money is to split the country and make prices fall and then pick up bargains.

    Cunts like Johnson, Farage and Rees-Moog are not nationalists, they are egotists who are addicted to playing with the lives of the working class. We have been living a decade in austerity as a result of a crash cause by a bunch of uber rich posh boys and despite seeking more resources for a better life, education, health care etc, they can now pull out £2 billion to force this whole thing over a cliff into Hades.

    I am not against Britain coming out of Europe, but there has to be a plan that benefits the present a the future for the masses, not a bunch of pricks lining their pockets and massaging their egos. They don't give a fuck about the people who voted leave.

    I for one would have less possible income and less time as I try to work out how to keep my business and 50 employees in secure employment so will probably take most of my speculative investment out.

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