What could a No Deal Brexit do for the index?

  • How about you just don't read it? Personally I think it's one of the biggest topics on the near horizon for FI and I'm interested in peoples views - opposing or otherwise. For anyone not interested there is an option to ignore the thread so you won't even know the conversation is happening...

  • To be honest, there isn't much football discussion at the moment. Most threads are over 2 hours old. Brexit could impact FI and I am interested in others views.

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  • Amusing to see people wanting to shut down conversation because they don't like what they read ...

    The initial question regarding a no deal Brexit impact on Football Index is worth thinking about if you've got money invested!

    With Football Index looking to expand into other territories, which would sustain the growth of the platform, I wonder what the implications are on securing licenses post Brexit to operate in other European countries?

  • A no deal brexit, started by a bunch of uber rich posh boys who know that the best way to make money is to split the country and make prices fall and then pick up bargains.

    Cunts like Johnson, Farage and Rees-Moog are not nationalists, they are egotists who are addicted to playing with the lives of the working class. We have been living a decade in austerity as a result of a crash cause by a bunch of uber rich posh boys and despite seeking more resources for a better life, education, health care etc, they can now pull out £2 billion to force this whole thing over a cliff into Hades.

    I am not against Britain coming out of Europe, but there has to be a plan that benefits the present a the future for the masses, not a bunch of pricks lining their pockets and massaging their egos. They don't give a fuck about the people who voted leave.

    I for one would have less possible income and less time as I try to work out how to keep my business and 50 employees in secure employment so will probably take most of my speculative investment out.

  • @CRua charming language. The usual common trait of a remainer. Relax. Just like FI, have faith in England. Oh and FYI, Farage is the most honest politician in years.

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  • @speedloafer ah, yes the ‘evil white slavers’...do you work for a company or work under a superior? Then you are a slave also. You were also the ‘person’ who couldn’t take the banter of the ‘three irons on the shirt’...bet you have purple hair too.

  • @Sol ‘evil white slavers’? Thats King George V. (Not George VI).

    How has that triggered you?

  • @Sol if you read better I’m not a remainer. And I prefer honest language over lies.

  • @CRua Have faith in your country and her people.

  • @speedloafer triggered, no 😂🤣😂 with that response - I know I was right about you! 😂

  • @Gregolocky it wasn't my intention for this thread to descend into abusive exchanges (OK, maybe it's not exactly a shock that that's happened) but I'm genuinely intrigued by people's views on what a Deal / No Deal means for the short and medium term future of the platform, and you must admit that Brexit is a big thing for FI one way or the other.

  • @Sol how do you have faith in a country?

  • @Sol said in What could a No Deal Brexit do for the index?:

    @CRua Have faith in your country and her people.

    I did but then they went and voted for Brexit

  • @CRua you clearly don’t. Let’s just agree to disagree.

  • @LittleFish said in What could a No Deal Brexit do for the index?:

    The whole Brexit situation is a total mess. We will all suffer a bit short term but no worse than we did bailing out the corrupt banking system.

    And this is what I take issue with.
    I have had something like a 9 year pay freeze and am considerably poorer than I was before the banking crash.
    We are all poorer.
    And just when, after years of austerity, we are getting back on our feet, 'the people' vote for it all over again.

  • @Sol it’s how to get along.

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  • @WithoutLimit this is the kind of thing I was thinking this thread would address - the effect of Brexit - Deal or No Deal - ON THE INDEX!!

    Sadly a fair proportion of the thread has descended into shite-slinging between ardent remainers and brexiteers. Not altogether surprising, but certainly disappointing.

    I'm a brexiteer but I'm not on here to throw insults at remainers, I just wanted to get people's views on the future of FI. Anyway @WithoutLimit thanks for actually answering the question :)

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