What could a No Deal Brexit do for the index?

  • @Vespasian32
    I got married there two years ago, we are going back for our 2 wedding anniversary.

    It is the most amazing place, our hotel is the best I have ever been in, decent standards and very friendly people/staff.
    Expensive, cost about £7k for 2 adults/1 child for 2 weeks but that is with all upgrades on plane etc etc too.
    I highly recommend!

  • @MrWh1te said in What could a No Deal Brexit do for the index?:

    I haven't swallowed scaremongering.

    What I have done is actually read stuff for myself.

    And thanks, only downside is its beginning of season and I cant trade !!

    Again..... Let's just agree to disagree.

    Every other doomsday prediction has proved to be false.

    Have a good day & nice holiday.

  • I also voted brexit.We will see if we leave with no deal what will happen.There is always scaremongering by opposition to brexit.Just hope come October we put an end to this saga.If we have a general election I hope to god Corbin or the Liberals don't get it otherwise we are fucked.

  • @Chewbacker
    I am a labour voter, kind of have been all my life.
    I voted conservative this time out.
    My feeling being, NO-ONE can make a good deal out of Brexit so get the tories in, they will fuck it up and then get voted out.
    The only flaw to my plan is that Corbyn is unelectable and there is no real opposition atm, so at the next election I don't know what the fk I will do.

  • Oh dear here we go again. Yet again the people who voted leave seem to be the cool calm ones whilst the ones who voted remain that can’t except defeat (also the ones who actually created ‘the divide’) are showing themselves to still be full of hatred along with their filthy vocabulary.

    Better to just end this topic now. 👍

  • @MrWh1te I'm not really into politics,I will vote conservative all day long over all the others as I see stability and growth with conservative.I don't like what Corbin stands for and your right he is unelectable and there probably isn't anyone in labours leadership that is at the moment.I want what's best for this country that will allow my children to have a secure future.

  • @Mr-Random-number You would be happy to see Corbin and Diane Abbott to run the country 😭

  • @Chewbacker lol edited it now as I typed leave instead of remain 😂

  • A fair few people have talked about "scaremongering" like there are not away that.

    The £ has dropped, and will continue to do so.

    Dozens of companies have already pulled manufacturing out of the UK, leaving thousands of people out of work.

    Other big name companies saying they may do the same. Leading to more job losses.

    That the people that campaigned brexit, are now giving a totally different narrative of what brexit means.

    We have a total clown in charge of the country and a government that's a total shambles.

    An opposition with a leader so weak he's not able to do anything to appose the symbolic government.

  • @NewUser303261
    Please don't hit them with facts, they don't like that.

  • To be honest what chance have we all got when the people running the country and not just this 1 are more corrupt than your average jo. Bored of all the brexit talk hope they just hurry up and leave like the majority of people wanted

  • @MrWh1te but if those people are so skilled presumably they will open a new company and bring manufacturing back to the UK and become a major competitor with a superior product at a fair price?

  • @MrWh1te the fact that they still say Project fear yet the arse has fallen out of the £ and companies have already sold up and fucked off, its hilarious.

    Oh and "Donald is smart he wants the EU on its arse when they trade" forgetting the fact that when we trade under no deal we will be the ones on our arse.

  • It's a well known (and possibly apocryphal ) fact that gambling thrives in times of economic crisis so if it goes tits up FI will benefit, if it doesn't, it will continue to thrive as it has been doing.

    As for the Brexit debate, my position has always been simple. Whether you voted leave or remain doesn't matter, we're one country, and you're all cunts.

  • Pipe down remoaners - you lost.

    Let us leave & make a go of it before bombarding all & sundry with your doomsday scenario's.

    Accept democracy - if we fail, remain will sweep the next but one election & we will all bow down & kiss your feet & never doubt your superior knowledge again.

    Until then, suck it up & let the country get on with it.

    Imagine if we actually flourish & make a success of it though? 🤔

    Scary thought for you guys that must be......

  • I know I said earlier I stay out of these conversations but here's my view.
    I wanted to remain in the EU - whilst not perfect in my view it was the lesser of 2 evils BUT I was not in the majority, we had a referendum and the vote was to leave.
    Therefore we all have to accept that decision and work together to make the best of it whether it was what we wanted or not. Sitting and moaning about it will change nothing, we are leaving as that is what the majority of those that voted wanted so now we have to exit and get over all the division that now exists in the country.

  • @janner73 amen to that balenced view 👍

  • @Ericali Its the only way the country will move forward - throwing toys out the pram will achieve nothing.

  • @NewUser303261
    Haha great post
    So many idiots just read and believe the nonsense in the tabloids / social media and vote accordingly.
    It’s laughable how gullible the public is in this country.

    Watch The Great Hack on Netflix. Clearly demonstrates how to get fools to vote for you.

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