World Cup Suggestion

  • I have a suggestion for an addition WC buzz that would be more competitive than just daily pb and I would argue more fun.

    I suggest a team of the tournament based on total buzz score, the fun part is only one player from each team can be included and formation would be 4-4-2.

    Only allowing one player from each team means the team wont just be full of the team that wins the tournament, and would make pretty much every game of the WC exciting to watch.

    imagine the overall PB table finished like this.
    Messi 1045
    Ronaldo 987
    Otamendi 957
    Cavani 899
    Giminez 865

    Messi and Ronaldo would take the 2 fwd spots in the team, Otamendi would miss out as Messi has already taken the Argentina spot, Cavani would miss out as the forward spots are gone, Giminez would then get one of the defender spots.

    As this is a one time payout at the end of the tournament, I'm pretty sure a dividend of 50p or more would be easily affordable and get people excited to boot.

    P.S I would make it only one outfield player per team. It is established that GK's score poorly you could be fairly certain that if included in the one per team that it would be a GK from a weaker team that gets a spot in the team and that would create weird incentive to buy average keepers over world class ones.

  • I would also suggest that on on WC match days you increase the star player pay out as this payout will always be hotly contested, where as the forward category for example may only have 2 players competing on a given match day

  • all the group game fixtures have 3 or 4 games on a given day (bar the opener) so I would like to see double or treble matchday points for those? nothing wrong with the current system (it has its flaws but I wouldn't radically change for one tournament) so I wouldn't want to see too many changes myself?

  • I'm thinking of this as an additional this. so keep current PB but just an extra bonus for a bit of excitement

  • I would like to see us forum goers create some kind of fantasy league on the WC to be fair? maybe as you say on a PB point scoring basis predicting the winners each day???? Like super 6 we have to pick our top DF, MF, AF & MB for that day 24 hours in advance??

  • Maybe if it didn’t risk there licence maybe FI could do a World Cup place pot everyone (if they opt in)pays £1 a day less a FI 2p cut.. name which forward midfield defender and goalie will score most points each day to win.. and one additional player in case of a time break

  • @NewUser25953 I think this is a great idea

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