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  • anyone hear the interview on talksport this moring? thought he came accroos really well. explained how the index worked a bit more and even offered advice on which type of players should be targeted, using an initial 10-12 game strategy.

    mentioned the top rising players percentage wise since August 2018 so really helped people relate. for reference these players were, in order.

    1. Felix
    2. Pepe
    3. Sancho
    4. De Ligt
    5. Sterling

  • I keep missing these Talksport chats. Are they at a particular time/days anyone know?

  • In my experience you aint missing much. Usually Jim White show, think they are a monday and a thursday maybe

  • @Brabbn

    to be fair this one seemed more extensive than previous

  • hopefully they read my moan on Friday.........???

    As said somewhere on Fri they mentioned the Community Shield which went on to have ZERO effect on media buzz this weekend whilst Man Utd beating an average and porky in appearance Milan outfit in a friendly has since seen rising prices of Rash, GreenGOAT, Gomes and co!!!!

    I don't get it because striking whilst the iron is hot etc.... they should be all over the likes of Harry Maguire who is basically offering free money for the next few days!!!!

  • @dannypea

    they did pump maguire a bit today saying he's going to be the most expensive defender on the index by the end of the day

  • @dannypea yeh like i said in the Maguire thread, why dont they use the same figures...i said if you bought today at Β£2.30 that is a 1.3% return in media divs just today- a years savings account...

    They need to start getting this across. I know its a blurred line between savings and bets etc but still, they pretty much offered 1.3% on Maguire today as he was guaranteed the MB win (barring something ridiculous happening).

  • @Westy agreed!!!

    all well and good saying X, Y & Z has grown A,B or C amounts in 12 months but what really gets us going is saying today we have a player that IF you invest NOW will GUARANTEE payment within 24 hours...

    Really the whole Media Buzz thing should be what drives the market during the quieter months whilst focus ahead of the start of the season this Saturday should right now be on IF YOU BUY a centre forward for the next 30 days we will pay out on EVERY goal they score!!!!

  • @G27 Doubtful with Kimmich, Van Dijk and TAA comfortable over 3.00.

    Talksport is akin to the Sunday Sport with the rubbish it comes out with.

  • good point - didnt really think to be honest, but unsure why he said that then

  • Really decent Talksport segment today πŸ‘

  • Listen to talk sport when I'm delivering my post and Jim White does my head in at the best of times.
    But the FI segment is so frustrating to listen to and he rushes through any players that are mentioned and it's so annoying.
    I know there are time constraints with the segment but god it's annoyingπŸ˜–

  • @Gazz127

    At least they mentioned both media and matchday dividends today. It very rarely get a mention !

    But yes, it's usually a car crash of a segment πŸ˜‚

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