Lucas Digne

  • I'm thinking of getting on board with Lucas Digne, but I may be getting on too late as he has been rising recently. Coming from a fairly new user, do people think he will rise/will return good PB numbers in the next few months?

  • He regularly gets good PB points as he gets a lot of passes and crosses per game and also scores a few.

    Worth holding imo

  • The PB changes will only benefit him I think and Everton looking to improve on last season.
    Also with a striker that can actually finish chances his numbers may well improve on last season.
    If you're willing to hold longer term there's also a good chance of a transfer to a better team within your hold.
    One of my best % profit players and no thoughts of selling just yet.

  • If he was English he would be 2 pound plus. Only got on board recently since the PB changes. Will see how he goes this season.

  • @NewUser275766 I think Chilwell could be that English alternative to shoot up this year...

  • @HPcoys yeah he is on my watch list. Hoping city come sniffing again when they realise left back is still their weakness.

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