Chalobah loan to Norwich

  • Hearing that Watford are in discussions with Norwich over a possible loan move for Nathaniel Chalobah.

    He’s not played a lot at Watford, could be a positive move for all....... Norwich need a defensive midfielder but can’t afford big money, and Chalobah needs to get his career back on track and play more games. He’s 24 now.

  • Shame if that's true - I'm a Watford ST holder and really like Chalobah. Having said that, he's got Capoue, Doucoure, Quina, Hughes and Cleverley all in front of him for a starting berth in midfield so a loan move would probably do him the world of good.

    In FI terms though, honestly he's not likely to win any PB and his IPD returns will be slim to minimal.

  • I’m a city fan and don’t see him getting many games for Norwich either, plus I don’t think it’s going to happen he’s not the type of player we have been after this summer

  • @FarkeBall-Index it looks like Norwich have shifted focus to Ibrahim Amadou at Seville - year long loan with an option to buy.

  • Amadou is having a medical at Norwich who will seemingly be a replacement for Tettey - can't see Chalobah happening as well.

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