dybala to tottenham would be huge

  • do you guys think he would improve his rating if he signs for tottenham?
    with the manager also being argentinian its a big factor

  • @NewUser113829 Lots of media speculation but does not fit the Spurs typical transfer target.

    Buy young players with potential, also cant see Levy stumping up the £62million that has apparently been bid, he will probably want to offload a number of Spurs players in trade that they no longer want to reduce the fee so for that reason I will be amazed if it happens.

    Be a great signing if it happens.

  • He is a decent player and if Spurs are going to pay £62m for him then he will be pretty much the first name on the team-sheet...Spurs are a decent attacking side so you would think Dybala would be among the goals so he should see some decent dividend returns...

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