Verification Id check

  • Hi,
    Does everyone need to provide proof of Id, its some guys at work registered before me and are able to deposit without having to prove Id.

  • @NewUser409979 I can't answer for everyone, but I had to. I would assume it's the norm these days with new users as part of 'know your customer. '

  • there's a post firther down the page today about bookies being fined millions for not doing this.

    its KYC not the chicken know your customer and standard practise.

    I had to show photo ID and bank info

  • BTW deposit wont be the will be when they try to withdraw

  • when i joined 2 months ago i just did the usual name email password bank details and thats it....havnt been asked since to verify etc

  • Oh don't you worry sir, your firends will have their turn, they will suddenly be asked when they least expect it...probably when a cheap young english striker suddenly appears in the prem and bangs a double hattrick in and they go to buy quick to beat the masses, it's the opportunity they have been waiting and cash piling for months, but then their account is blocked, they have to send their finger tips in the post to FI and get all their ancestors birth certificates and a newspaper from the day they were born, this takes 6 years and in the meantime that striker, who was a nobody, now plays for Utd and England and won the world cup.

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