How much profit will I make ?

  • Can someone please explain how this works. I bought Declan Rice last season and see the share price increase.

    If I sell now how much profit will I make ? And what calculations do I use to find out the profit ?

    £1.26 purchase price per share
    £1.70 sell price per share

  • @NewUser285366
    If you Instant Sell at £1.70 then the profit per share is (£1.70 x 0.98) - £1.26.

    If you put in the sell queue and they market sell at the current buy price of £1.75 then profit per share would be (£1.75 x 0.98) - £1.26. Of course market selling doesn't guarantee £1.75 the price will be whatever the buy price is at the time your shares get to the front of the queue.

  • Or just instant sell for currently £1,70-1,26= 44p per share which would be guaranteed now allowing you to free up money straight away! Either way you need to factor in 2% commission so at £1,70/ £1,75 this would be simply 3.5p depending on rounding to the nearest penny on shares sold.

  • Market price/Instant sell price - 2% - original cost = profit/loss

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