£100 on one player

  • You could get about 55 Dele Alli, currently £1.83. Watch his price fly when he bangs a goal in against Villa on Saturday night :D

    EDIT: Just seen he has an injury hahahahaha

  • @FairlyNewUser said in £100 on one player:

    You could get about 55 Dele Alli, currently £1.83.

    Lo Celso is the same price & by far the better player, once they play alongside each other in the same Dele will be highlighted as an over hyped, over priced show pony.

  • @NewUser159387 England starter though so a lot more valuable on FI

  • @FairlyNewUser alli is ripe for the taking... hes going to have a shit season with lo celso the far better player and i think someone like Maddison will force his way into the England team... hes far more complete player. Alli seems a one trick pony (arriving late in the box like a shadow striker) … relying on the right tactic to allow him that freedom. Opposition have wised up to it, and England don't play that way tactically and nor should we with an attacking trio of sterling, kane and Sancho. Much better to have someone like Maddison feeding those guys than alli

  • @playingcards1 Well obviously you'd need to see the other 95% of his portfolio to guage the risk versus reward strategy. However, in my opinion Lozano going to Napoli would be a risk worth taking.
    As always though, do your own research!

  • I have about this much as a percentage in most of the players in my port.

    Most recent buy - Ayoze Perez (£1.35)- just had a very good rise do might not be such a good choice now but also likely to increase if he has a good start.

    Longest hold - Suso(£1.50) - Price is on the way up and he had an excellent preseason.

    Best value - Players from Italy as the season starts later so they haven't risen from people piling in for IPDs etc. Politano(59p), Quagliarella (58p), Bonucci (37p), Alex Sandro (77p), Verdi (68p) are some of the players I hold.

  • @ScouseSte said in £100 on one player:

    Right now, 20 x Salah

    I agree. He has stayed around the same price for ages, which means compared to others he is more value.
    He’ll pick up money pre game and a good performance will see him up 8-10% on yesterday

  • @Vespasian32 scored again last night!

  • @Vespasian32 his game of arriving late in the game is pretty much what lampard based his entire game on though! It’s a make or break year for alli at spurs though I feel, last year he had a lot of injuries and spurs weaknesses meant he was playing out of position but I feel like he’ll come good this year!

  • @Vespasian32 He's had one iffy season playing in the prem and is only 23. I think people forget his age. When he was bossing it he was get linked to Madrid. I agree with the England statement but for FI I see him as undervalued and will rise.

  • @FairlyNewUser yup I agree, you see some people at his price and he’s definitely good value in comparison. And very true re his age. Will be good for him getting back to playing where he should be this year hopefully and also hopefully some rotation to help stay fresh

  • I have gone for Goretzka. Mainly based on the fact that he was already quality and I can only see him getting better in a top team.

  • Mane for me big season ahead

  • Aissa Mandi. 50p. Average over 90 pb for Betis. Barring Barcelona in the 2nd game, have some favourable fixtures until the end of Sep. 27 and contract runs out in June 2021, so you'll get transfer rumours from end of this new season. Previous linked to arsenal, Tottenham and West ham. Afcon winner with algeria who haven't lost an international game since Oct

    Only scored 1 goal last season, but it was an overhead kick so worth 10 in my eyes!!

  • Posted on another thread but i really think he could do some damage IF he starts. I own, so a pump i guess!

    Jonathan Panzo (86p) for me. English centre back according to Le’Equipe expected to start for Monaco tonight. Highly rated, if he plays he’s bound to be linked to English clubs given his nationality. And Monaco’s tradition to trust youth and then sell for a good profit. I’ve a feeling the index will love him.

    https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/La-curiosite-jonathan-panzo-monaco-titulaire-face-a-l-ol/1047385?hootPostID=33a9e2cb132b6e98af19effe1a391b67 (sorry it’s in French)

  • One of the utd youngsters and if I had to choose one it would be gomes. He has loads of potential and will get game time this year due to utds lack of spending.
    He is a Eden hazard style player(not that he is anywhere near his standard yet) will get media coverage and will get goals as he proved pre season.

  • Phil Foden, best player of his age and English too

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