500 to go on 1pb player.......

  • Iv another 500 to put it. Last time I went fur THazard, do far 10p down. Anyone got any opinions on my next buy? Hoping for better luck this time fingers crossed 🤞

  • Personally I would double down on Thorgan Hazard. He was a good pick last time, now he is an even better pick at his current price. Two easy games for Belgium coming up too.

  • Goretzkas price is at a bit of a low point because if a minor injury

  • @AndydfopT pb takes patience, you hold thazard now until he wins, then decide to cash in on a spike or hold for future wins. Don't panic about the 10p, long season ahead.

    Have you got savanier? Most pb players are now at a peak, so look for an injured pb player, savanier, b mendy,
    Or a pb player in a dip, pogba, neymar,

  • I actually plan to hold for long term so anyone with potential growth would also be nice. I appreciate everyone's advice

  • Id go for kroos, Kimmich, TAA or Thiago for PB.
    Or if you want MB aswell id go for Messi.

    I own all these so acting in self interest a bit if i was looking for a new PB player to add to my port id be adding Pjanic after last night

  • KDB if he stays fit I'm sure he'll bag a few PB divs this season

  • Eric Pulgar just signed for Fiorentina who were dogshit last season, I expect a much better season from them this year. Pulgar will be key for them I believe, goal and assist yesterday too

  • @TraderJ he miss hits a shot and still gets an assist, that's just how good he is 😂

  • Wait for the europa draw and champions league draw, pick a player who has a good group, said player will increase.

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