Tempted To Double Down On Bale

  • Are we really going to have a situation where the guy gets half a million per week and doesn't even make the squad?

    Surely when he does get played, he's going to get a lot of MB, given the surrounding story.

  • rumours say psg

  • He staying at Madrid now imo. Our only hope is Zidane get's sacked and he's in the new manager plans.

  • If ZZ gets the boot early then it really could pay off for bale holders. It's a bit high risk for my liking.

  • Bale to psg in part of neymar deal or
    Coutinho to psg in part of neymar deal.
    Think all parties would be happy

  • I think he’ll go to Bayern. I agree that he won’t sit in the reserves. They’d rather loan him to someone willing to pay a contribution towards those wages. I’d say:

    40% chance of Bayern (£2.50)
    30% chance of PSG (£2.75)
    20% chance Zidane gets sacked and Bale bought back into team (£2.75)
    5% chance he rots in reserves (£1.50)
    5% other club (£2.40)

    So yeah, I’d say a very good opportunity to double down and make some money

  • Seriously tempted to double down on him, his price is getting very irresistible!

  • @Gibbers14 Been left out of the squad against Roma tomorrow according to reports on twitter.

  • @Pagey74 think I’ll hold off until tomorrow evening, let it continue to drop! I just can’t see a deal not happening.

  • @Gibbers14 I really thought he was coming back to the Premiership, so I have no idea what's going to happen next.

  • Very tempted myself

  • Playing Devil’s Advocate as genuinely interested...

    • he’s 30 and body doesn’t seem to be holding up as well as the other superstars of the era
    • hasn’t played consistently in a while and his return in La Liga when he did play wasn’t great for the money we’re talking
    • earns stupid money for doing next to nothing and there are question marks over his desire anymore.

    Is he worth £2.50-3.00 regardless? Is he still a superstar? Don’t know what his pb and mb (pre transfer hype) have been like to know how big a factor they are but I feel like much of the excitement around him feels based on possible mb- don’t really know now good he is anymore!

  • If Zidane goes, apparently there is already an agreement for Jose to take over. Can you imagine Bale being huge in his plans, considering he was hardly enthusiastic to track back when he used to like playing football!

  • @Lukeroro said in Tempted To Double Down On Bale:

    If Zidane goes, apparently there is already an agreement for Jose to take over....

    it never rains, it pours eh?

  • @ssalot couldn't agree with you more. He's a massive risk with very little upside, I'll be staying far away from Bale myself

  • Recalled for the friendly against Roma today

  • @DavidMUFC1987

    Signs of a little bounce too. Fingers crossed :)

  • Does anyone expect him to rise if he is included in Real Madrid’s first game? Can he get back to previous heights if he starts to get game time? Reports saying that Zidane is not impressed with Jovic so maybe bale is slowly creeping up the pecking order

  • Bale = gamble for me... PSG rumoured to be wanting Modric & Vinicius as make way for Neymar and I really can't see him agreeing to be used as bait for any deal of any kind??? I just don't think Bale wants to leave Real Madrid for any club other than for a top team in England and we all know our market is closed so he really could end up playing golf until January???

    Not saying he won't hit the headlines but I would rather invest in a footballer that is playing football right now!!!

  • @dannypea

    Season starts soon for Real Madrid. There's already reports of Zidane exploding. It's probably going to take something to ignite it but I think that will be a story we keep hearing about and over time, it will get juicy.

    It's a straight up gamble though.

    I'm fairly certain that as we get closer to January... Man Utd will be heavily linked again and if they aren't in the top 4, Ole will be on the back foot.

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