Pogba or Neymar

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    Once he's playing, he will rise at a faster rate and PBs are very likely if he stays at PSG. Pogba won't get PBs. Media wise they the top 2 on here.

  • @Black-wolf what? Just seen him earn 63p ish during media madness... When likes of kane et Al won't make that all season. And till window closes its the battle between barca and Madrid to sign him. His pb scores are through the roof when hes fit!

  • @Vespasian32 that 63p over the summer though was more than half of his whole earnings for the year. He was very disappointing last season mostly because of injury but still never picked up any media over the course of his injury. He needs to move to a more media friendly team to justify his current price for me

  • @NewUser332306 neither, Messi instead

  • Im starting to move out of the higher end players as im seeing less and less sense in trying to invest a few thousand on the off chance of winning a few quid on dividends.
    People have been banging on about "Pogba is going to rise to £8 etc" so what?, thats the equivalent of a player moving from 74p to 80p but without the same risk.

  • @Advinculas-Index Pogba has returned just over 7% for me per month over the last 9 months, that's a great return. But i do see where you're coming from especially as dividends won't be increased anytime soon, how much will the top dogs really go beyond there current prices? Personally I'm going to be keeping Pogba for atleast this season, but have all my Neymar in the sell queue because I'd rather go after the cap apprieciation in the lower end of the market.

  • @Advinculas-Index shame, shame, shame, shame

  • This is a perfect time to top up on Neymar. He’s dropped 50p in a month with no good reason. If it wasn’t for his injuries and bans at the end of last season his value would be much higher.

    Fundamentally Pogba isn’t that good at football. Massively overrated and people will tire of him in the media. Neymar is a much better player from a PB perspective and his he stays fit and behaves will end the season well above Pogba!

    Just my options...

  • @SteveP on FI Pogba provided more dividends than neymar last season regardless of who the better footballer is! I hold both! Covers both PB and MB for this season.

  • @Advinculas-Index I’m not sure it’s fair to say a 74p moving to 80p is less of a risk. Firstly, you need 10 of the cheaper player to get the same return. Secondly, and as a result of the first point, holders are likely to have larger holdings of the player, and therefore individual traders have more impact on their price. Therefore you only need one or two to sell and the price drops, and it would impact other traders holdings by 10p (they would have 10 futures, each dropped 1p). If one of two Pogba holders sell up, they sell in the 10’s and small hundreds, and if it drops 1p, then you’re only 1p down.
    While I agree that the upside can be better because the penny increases in a players value is magnified due to the larger holding, in my opinion the risk is greater with holding large numbers of smaller value players.

  • @SteveP said in Pogba or Neymar:

    Fundamentally Pogba isn’t that good at football.

    You must have very high standards. I get that he was shit for the majority of last season at Utd, but people saying he isn't good at football? If he isn't good at football then he's a clever bastard because he's pulled the wool over the eyes of Juve, Utd (twice), the French Football Federation, anyone who watched the World Cup, Real Madrid and most of the players he's played with. I guess it also means that about 75% of professional footballers aren't good either.

  • @GregF said in Pogba or Neymar:

    @Advinculas-Index in my opinion the risk is greater with holding large numbers of smaller value players.

    I can see your point in most of what you have said above but we will have to agree to disagree on this last point.

    and i must admit that my post above was partly inspired by drink last night.......

  • @Specksynder if you check pogbas stats it was his best season scored 13 goals and assisted 9 times. Decent from midfield. More than rashford! Pogba has talent for sure!

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