Give me your most exciting player in your port and your most undervalued.

  • Most exciting probably foden
    Most under valued cesc 😎

  • Most exciting-mbappe. Going to be the best player in the world.

    Most underrated is herelle-truly believe a lot of people have missed out on him, and that he'll continue to build on his pretty awesome pb scores

  • Most exciting - Jonathan Panzo CB England/Monaco at 89p.

    Don’t really have anyone that is undervalued but i think Panzo has the most room for growth in my port. If Monaco keep starting him!

  • Most exciting Wesley £1.25 plays for Aston Villa and most undervalued is Julian Brandt £1.98 plays for dortmund. Both exciting players!

  • Most exciting Wayne Rooney this kid has it all
    Most undervalued Matt Doherty the Irish Cafu

  • Most exciting and undervalued is Josip Brekalo, going to tear it up this season in the Bundesliga. Going to have a huge career

  • Most exciting - Ronaldo (he's still got it)

    Most undervalued - Alassane Plea. Good goalscorer in the Bundesliga and on the fringes of the French national team (1 cap so far). Only 88p.

  • Most exciting - Gomez/Ilicic at Atalanta. Just because they play for an exciting team and they'll both suit the new PB scoring too.

    Undervalued - Santi Cazorla, by a mile. Honourable mentions for Joao Moutinho and Felix Klaus.

  • Exciting: Mbappe
    Undervalued: Kiko Femenia, attacking def with a good chance of starting for a fairly decent prem team, gotta be some moving on 21p

  • Most exciting - Pulisic £2.84 Think he will have a big season and price will rise nicely.

    Most undervalued - Matt Doherty 69p. Should suit the new PB matrix, loves a goal and an assist. Low risk hold.

  • Most Exciting - Sterling, and maybe Brandt

    Most Undervalued - Goretzka, and maybe Herrera (only 48p, should start most games, could do well PB wise, and could get up to Verratti's price at 80p or so).

  • Exciting - Mbappe.
    Undervalued paco alcacer - Dortmund going to destroy Bayern this year, shift of power with their spending ++++

  • Conor Hourihane (Villa)
    New IPO and one of villas exiting midfielders. Set piece both free kick, and corner taker. Scores and gets assists.
    Currently at 77p . Cannot fall below 70p
    If he scores or gets a few assists, you have a free / no lose player at this price.
    Hes a very safe investment as it stands now.
    The spread will reduce as he is a new player to the index.

    Undervalued - Luka Modric , currently @ steal of a price.

  • Most Exciting - James Garner - £1.18 - Price will sky rocket when he breaks into the first team. Can't be far off at all.

    Most undervalued - Quincy Promes - £0.39 - Going to be playing for Ajax in the CL this season. Just entering his prime at 27.

  • De Paul - looking forward for him to smash some big PB scores this year

    Wesley Said - 41p

  • Changing my most excited about to Conor Gallagher after watching him today , looks real class , I’m in for a long term hold

  • @Indexical chelsea?

  • Most exciting has to be sterling think it’s going to be a massive season for him,undervalued kaderabek at Hoffenheim wing back scored another goal today 33p

  • Exciting = Naby Keita
    Undervalued = Joe Gomez

  • Most exciting JOAO FELIX
    Undervalued David Silva

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