Starting low

  • I started with just £25. What's the best way to play this?

    I have £9 spare still and have invested in Vardy, Panzo, Callum Robinson and Kevin Danzo.

    Is it best to invest that £9 in some cheap players expected to play like Tousart say and just leave and monitor after each game? What do you do during the games?

    Thanks for the help.

  • You're probably best going sub 40p players, maybe sub 60p.
    This is so you can buy a large amount of holds in one player.
    EG: if a player goes up 1p and you hold 100 for example, you earn yourself £1, rather than going for Vardy, he goes up 1p, you don't earn that much.

  • @Andy

    Thanks, I'll try that and go for some of those players and let them build.

  • @PeterG92 There's a sub 40p and sub 60p player thread on here somewhere, some suggestions on there for who you can go for. It's just what I'd do personally going for cheaper players, as always its up to you at the end of the day.

  • @Andy Thanks. £25 is what I can afford so will look to build low. Will pick up at least 10 in two players

  • @PeterG92

    I started with just £50 in October, and then added in another £50 in January. Currently sitting on over £178 which is 78% ROI.

    I make videos on my strategy, player stats, tips & guides etc. wth may be of interest, especially for new traders:

  • @FI-Manager is there anyway of messaging you on twitter or anything but not on the forum mate wanted to ask you some things?

  • @FI-Manager about fi obviosuly lol

  • @NewUser297389 said in Starting low:

    @FI-Manager is there anyway of messaging you on twitter or anything but not on the forum mate wanted to ask you some things?

    I just sent you a DM through your profile on here.

  • There were crazy rises the instant every player scored over the weekend. It's always happened but it seemed on another level.

    It might settle down a bit as the season progresses but it's there to be exploited.

    Might be worth looking at sub 50p forwards that play regularly and chip in with 5-10 or more goals a season. Buy up a stable now.

    On current trends they will rise significantly when they score and that's when you flip them.

    Not a strategy I've previously followed but I'm tempted to move a small chunk of my portfolio over to it.

    Just reluctant to sell any players...

  • @Allams-Out any recommendations as I agree with this tratergy

  • @NewUser297389 said in Starting low:

    @Allams-Out any recommendations as I agree with this tratergy

    There's always risk and you might have to be prepared to sit on them for a while until they score.

    Haven't done full research on it but I'll throw some names out there to get started.

    Kevin Prince Boateng 35p. scored a penalty in a friendly yesterday. There's a lot of value being placed on penalty takers right now.

    Andre Hahn 28p. Scored in the German cup for Augsburg. Not prolific but he will score.

    Angel Rodriguez 30p. Came off the bench to score in a friendly against Atalanta on Saturday. 8 league goals last season and 13 the season before.

    Lucas Perez 38p. Back in la liga where he was prolific.

    All these players have plenty against them as long term hold. Age, on the decline, bang average at best. But if you trust this strategy is sound then they will rise on a goal.

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