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  • Hi Guys,

    Serie is a few weeks away. I'm looking for one player to invest in who is undervalued.. . Like for the german league i identified like many others before me; Gotze & lewandowski. ..

    Who wpuld you recommend as the best sub £1 player and who is the best £1+ to invest in.

    Apart from Ronaldo.. already have him as i think he's a banker at current price.

  • My only Serie A player, Gianluca Mancini. @Pagey74 loves this bloke and for a good reason. 77p atm and plenty of growth in him.

  • I’ve got 100 holds in Barella for Inter Milan. Only £1 at the moment and seemed to perform well for Italy during internationals as well, so Euros is a serious possibility for next summer

  • @Andy Good to hear he is good at oral......... haha

  • 2 of my favourite holds are the 2 youngsters Gaetano 83p (napoli) & Kulusevski 72p (Atalanta)

    they have unbelievable stats at youth level and should see a decent amount of game time from the bench this year in both serie A & europe

  • @Squire1905 looool, dunno why it says that, swear I typed Italy lol. I’ll edit it haha

  • @Squire1905 I do love him, however a bit baffled why he didn't start for Roma against Madrid last night.

  • Duvan Zapata. Currently £1.07. Second highest scorer in the league last year behind Quagliarella (who is about 80 years old now). Playing for Atalanta who will be playing in the Champs League this year.

  • cengiz ünder

  • Bonucci 36p
    Politano 61p
    Simone Verdi 68p
    Paqueta £1.13
    Insigne £1.27
    Quagliarella 58p

    I hold all if the above that I think are still undervalued to varying degrees. I also hold Ronaldo but you already have him!

  • @Pagey74 I heard he had a niggle but will be ready for the Genoa game! No way are Fazio and Jesus better players

  • As @Squire1905 as already pointed out Mancini imo is the best young Italian centre half in Italy with outstanding stats and is a star in the making.

    My other recommendation would be Arkaduisz Milik (Napoli) 94p. 17 goals and 3 assists in 35 games last season. If the polish bomber continues to find the net like he did last season then he won't be 94p for long. Aged 25, has an outstanding future ahead of him.

  • @Squire1905 I did read that too, so hope it's true. At least their season doesn't start for another 2 weeks so time to get him purring.

  • @Pagey74 I am not panicking on this lad like I would others. I think he will be a world beater so even if he doesn't start the season, once he gets in the team I think he will fly. In my opinion he is one of my safest holds in terms of CA

  • someone else i like is Simone Lo Faso - hes 21 years old, looks like he'll start upfront for Lecce & is 38p! hyped up lots as a youngster before an injury

  • I only hold Castagne who is at 0.56p.

    Champions league Football and just establishing himself in the Belgian National team.

    If he starts the season the way he finished it, then he will be closer to a quid then 50p soon enough.

  • off topic for Serie A but relates to your post......Gotze

    unlikely to start many games as Dortmund have strengthened a lot across the midfield. Thats why he looks cheap

    Serie A still has some value, although most have already risen.The 40p and 60p threads have some good tips

  • @Squire1905 I agree mate. He is my safest hold as well along with Veljkovic (shameless pump) in terms of CA.

  • Ismael Bennacer - 88p

    Player of the Tournament in AFCON, and also MOTM in the final.

    He's only 21 years old, played for Empoli last year who got relegated but despite that, he had a good season and his statistics were decent (image below).

    He's been bought by AC Milan, who I believe should improve this year following the good signings they have made, but more importantly because of their new manager Giampaolo. He was at Sampdoria the past couple seasons, and has a good tactical setup and plays very good football. He got the best out of a very old Quagliarella last year, and also got the best out of Torreira a couple of seasons ago, which is why Arsenal bought him.

    Bennacer should slot into the team pretty quickly, perhaps straight away. With a much better team around him, he could improve upon his assist numbers, and potentially add a couple goals.

    0_1565601745901_Ismael Bennacer.jpg

  • Looking forward to seeing Sarri’s Juventus. Could be great for PB with a lot of passing around - so Pjanic and whoever else starts in def / mid.

    Lazio wingbacks - Jony and Lazzaro
    Joaquin Correa in good form too.

    de Paul and Sensi of course, 2 of my faves.

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