Takefusa Kubo

  • Since I got Kubo he has dropped 28p - does anyone else hold him and do you think he will rise throughout the season?

  • @NewUser383114 Good player but he's 18 years old so probably not going to see him around the first team for at least another year I'd think...

  • If this loan move to valladolid happens then he'll steady off, but hes not got a shirt number at Madrid so he is basically non existant right now!

    If anything I'd wait for him to drop further, then top up. The lad is a clear talent and marketable as fuck. As above, just wait a wee while I think - Hes just too raw at the minute.

  • I thought the loan to Valladolid had gone through so he should be playing in La Liga ?

  • The loan move hasn't happened and the Valladolid manager has refused to comment.
    Kubo's not been registered for the first team because of the 3 non-EU player rule, along with Rodrygo.
    Will be interesting to see how far he dips. I'll be stocking up for a long term hold.
    I think people will probably hype him up even if he's just playing for Castilla. Also, there will likely be a few more Japan caps this year.

  • I bought him because of the news that he was 'too good' for Castilla. If he does go to Valladolid, is that a bad thing or a good thing? Him playing in La Liga is surely better than playing for Real Madrid Castilla.

    He's dropped like 11p since i bought him which is a shock to the system for me as i'm a new trader and he's my first who's dropped quite significantly in a short space of time.

    Thing is i understand that playing for Valladolid isn't the same as being on loan at Watford for example here, where he'd be on MOTD week in week out and getting talked about a lot more, so maybe it won't do much for his value in the short term

  • @ShelveyFanClub said in Takefusa Kubo:

    Looks like we both bought in at around the same time. I wouldn't worry as long as long as you're able to hold for a long time. We might be getting a pretty good price in the long term. I expected Kubo to be a long game.

    A La Liga loan would be exciting and great for his short term price. I'm sure he'd get assists and plenty more hype video compilations made about him but I'm starting to feel that he'll be at Castilla for a while based on what Zidane has been quoted as saying. I'll keep looking out for news on him.

    Looks as if he's getting a bit of a rest just now so I don't expect any upward movement any time soon. Hoping he dips and dips so I can buy more and bring the average price down.

    Have you seen any articles along these lines? https://tribuna.com/en/realmadrid/news/3437729/
    The tone of the article is contradicted by what Zidane is quoted as saying towards the end of the article so I'm going with what he's said for now.

    So for me it's- top up when lower price and expect long hold.

    I look forward to seeing how he gets on.

  • More movement on his price over the last 24 hours gone back up again, any reasoning?

  • Hes turned down the loan to valladolid and there are some positive noises from fans who want him to play based on his reserve games. I think him and his agent/dad are trying to force Madrids hand, which takes big balls for such an young lad, especially given the Bale situation.

  • He's been loaned to newly-promoted Mallorca according to Spanish media.
    Presuamably he'll be getting plenty of first-team action in La Liga.

  • Yeah loads of rumours flying around about him going to Mallorca, hopefully they're true.

  • Be great to see him playing first-team football. Imagine his price if FI could expand into a part of Asia :D

  • Loan confirmed and his price is on the up! A couple of stand out PB performances and he'll rocket. Should do him good this move.

  • @Leighton sink or swim time if he plays.

    He will be judged on performances not potential.

    Could rocket 🚀
    Could nosedise 😭

  • Difficult choice whether to buy in again or leave it, I know absolutely nothing about Mallorca, can anyone give any insight into their strength in depth in attacking midfield?

  • @ShelveyFanClub struggling too but decided to leave it. Going to be very hard for him to thrive in a mediocre team. May regret it but can't buy everyone...

  • i ended up taking a hit and selling him - at the time thought i could better use that money.... goes to show that patience is key, but you can predict the future lol

  • Kang-in Vs Kubo today, battle of the both on the bench.

  • Anyone in on Kubo tonight? If he starts (A big if) or at least plays, then it should be a good window for him on here, with so few games today. Hope he grabs the opportunity as I quite like the lad! Let's see...

  • Would love it if he did but cant see him playing after internationals

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