Selling market?

  • Can someone explain to me how putting a player to market works? Say for instance I'm putting Joe blogs for sale at £1.25 on market and you can buy him off the index at £1.30, my price is obviously better. So who gets to see my £1.25 selling price?

  • @Incolrabaaz your player joins the queue and when they get to the front of said queue they will be sold at whatever the buy price is at that point. You could wait 5 minutes to get to the front of the queue or 5 months all depending on how in demand your player is at any given time.

    I'd say always look to sell to market if you can but depending on circumstances instant sell can be a god send.

  • @Stevo ok. Well explained. Thanks

  • @Incolrabaaz you're very welcome.

  • @Incolrabaaz worth noting that if you have players in the queue and they drop a lot whilst they are in the queue you would only get the price it has dropped to so that would be an example where instant sell may be better.

  • @Stevo ok. I was unaware of that to. Ta

  • I often wondered this as well. Don't think the question you asked was answered. If buy price is £1.30 and you market sell for £1.25 nobody will see shares available on the site for £1.25. Correct? So do FI just sell it at £1.30 and keep the 5p?

  • In response to the £1.25 part of the question, that is a reserve.

    So if you put a player to market when the buy price is £1.30, yours will sell when you reach the front of the queue as explained. However, if the players price drops below your reserve (£1.24 in this case) before you have sold then he will come out of the queue and stay in your portfolio. It’s basically the minimum price you’d be happy to sell for.

  • @Will78 I think it was answered... The sell price is instant sell. If you sell to market it would be the 1.30, not 1.25 in this example (assuming the player sold before any changes to price)... Sell to market = get the buy price at time of sale... Instant sell means you get the sell price at point of sale.

    The reserve price is just protection... A minimum value you would accept when selling to market... If the price meets that point your shares are removed from the queue. I. E. You list to market at 1.30 with a reserve of 1.28 if he went to 1.27 your shares would be removed from the queue automatically... If he sold at 1.30/1.29/1.28 that's the price you would receive (and then pay 2% commission.... Which applies to both market sell and instant sell)

  • @Vespasian32 👍 I was thinking it cancelled sale when it hits your reserve price but obviously it's when it drops below it.

  • @Will78 you may be right... I've not used reserve.

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