Icardi @ Juve - what price?

  • Evening all. I’ve held Icardi shares for six months and he’s been somewhat frustrating. However, there are reasons for his low value relative to many of his peers. Injuries and disciplinary issues meant he hardly featured for Inter in the second half of the season. His wife/agent seems a bit of an issue too!

    But, the following facts are true:

    1. he’s scored 111 goals in 188 games for Inter! A ratio of nearly a goal per game in the previous two seasons. He still managed 17 last season despite the issues.
    2. with Lukaku’s arrival inter will offload. Lukaku even took his shirt number.
    3. he’s guaranteed to transfer in the next couple of weeks. Juve have made him their number one target, but others are hovering too.
    4. he must be one of very few on the Index who are valued lower than one year ago! Whilst others have surged, he’s been pegged back by his off field issues.

    My question - if he moved to Juve (which I reckon he will), what do you think his share price will be? Ronaldo is 34 and could leave Icardi as their main man next season. I don’t want to guess myself, but believe that there could be good upside for holders.

  • For full discretion i am also a frustrated Icardi holder. I've nearly binned him several time now, but have held because think there is a huge upside if he does move.

    However, why are you so sure that he would he go to Juve? Their squad is already bloated (Sarri has said as much himself) and the last thing they need is another expensive bench warmer to keep dybala company.

    I just don't see it at all. That said, i am hoping some (probably italian) club eventually pulls their finger out because he should be playing every week.

    I will be watching closely.

  • @NewUser296743 I think if Neymar leaves PSG then Dybala will move to Paris!

    So many ifs, buts and maybes, but I guess trying to predict is half the fun of FI

  • He'll lose the penalties he had at inter to Ronaldo so his pb potential could take a hit and I don't think he's ever won MB, I'd sell up and reinvest if he goes to Juve. Ronaldo has a 3 year contract left, I think Icardi would drop 10-20p but I've been wrong before.

  • @SteveP Fair enough mate, a bit speculative for me, but if it comes off then i tip my hat to you!

  • I'm in a similar position having held him for about 6 months and his price having moved absolutely nowhere.

    Desperately hope he gets his move away from Inter this summer so he can actually have a chance to win PB again. He is a proven goalscorer go I'm sure he'll win PB every now and again. Surely going to Juve he'll score more goals so that can only be good for his price?

  • What if he goes to Roma?

    I Read earlier that the Icardi to Roma for Dzecko and cash deal was back on the table, icardi realizing that Juve might not come in for him and is no more open to the idea of going to Rome instead, I think it will be a decent move for him has CL football and should score goals in a league he already knows.

    Currently have a small holding in him, which is currently in the red , need him to go somewhere anywhere (except china !!) lol

  • @Chris-C yeah true. Any move will serve him/us well!

  • Ive read icardi had a self made time limit of july to leave. He has now told them he plans to run his contract down to leave on a free to which Inter retaliated by saying if he dares that they will let him train with first team to avoid contractual breaches, but will never pick him again the entire two years. This stand off has become poisonous. I read a roma blog often and it appears fee and wages would be the problem of him going to roma.

  • I’d been assuming PSG would go for Dybala and Icardi to Juve. But French journalists are saying PSG are interested in him! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/uk.sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/rumour-psg-talks-replace-neymar-060000462.html

    Icardi in France would be unreal

  • Reports of him agreeing terms with psg this morning...any chance fo this going through? Could be carnage with Neymar staying

  • He'll be an animal at psg. Such a good finisher

  • @Vespasian32 season-long loan deal apparently, what a front 3 it'll be Neymar Icardi Mbappe with Gueye Herrera and Veratti behind it

  • Glad I kept faith, been a frustrating couple of months for holders

  • They've disabled IS cos so many people selling their port to jump on

  • Well if it doesn't go through Cavani looks value now at 87p!

  • So are all these people buying for IPD? Or do they think he can out-PB Neymar and Mbappé?

  • @Specksynder Buying because they know other people will buy. He'll probably be good for a few PB wins just like Cavani has been as well - but he'll go way higher than he rationally should because there are plenty of sheep who just follow the money.

  • @janner73
    I suppose if you can get in and out at the right times it's an excellent flip.

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