do people think neymar is going barca

  • im 90 percent sure hes not- btw everyone neymars lawyer was in barca tpday over another client who wants to leave barca

  • I hope not and seems unlikely but seemed unlikely he'd go to PSG last time so you never know

  • Is it better for holders if he moves or not?

  • down 13p in like 10 minutes people are dumping in the 300s

  • i just dont get why people are so trigger happy with him. in 2 years team when messi and ronaldo are gone he is the best player in the world. if he is at barca he is the media king

  • on his way back up, conspiracy theorists might say market manipulation

  • @nicky540 mate neymars price has been manipulated so much. the big boys are trying to get as many sheep to lose money. they want people with their 300 shares to sell up whilst they list and unlist their 2000 shares

  • Are there many 300 x sells appearing on the ticker or is it a big trader putting them in the queue like last night?

  • @nicky540 i think tbey should do it based on actual sales as it gives a false impression

  • its not like none of the big boys arent going to be topping up now

  • @Advinculas-Index said in do people think neymar is going barca:

    Are there many 300 x sells appearing on the ticker or is it a big trader putting them in the queue like last night?

    i did see a few 300s going thru yes
    not enough to drop him the 13-14 pence he dropped mind

  • imagine if u paid 8.50 a share now lol. tbf u would have a lot of dividens

  • @nicky540
    A similar drop occured this time last night and then around 23:00 he suddenly went up by 14 pence in an instant thats 12,000 shares being unlisted in one go

  • the bookies are manipulating the market terribly as well. i do not think barca can afford him. why would psg sell to barca they hate them. psg players want him to stay

  • @NewUser297389 won't be long until he is back to £7 again. I have topped up! This happened to Pogba in the past and I just kept buying him. Perfect opportunity for me

  • I think Real are interested too

  • @C-Money if u had 12,000 shares would u not try and manipulate the market. these people doing this are extremely clever but they are just killing off impatient newbies. all neymar holders need is him to be playing football which he will be by then of august wherever he is.

  • He's gone odds on for barca today with the bookies, barca are probably the worst outcome for his price with the majority of holders seemingly wanting a psg stay according to a twitter poll I ran a few days ago. I asked what do holders want to happen and 60% voted psg, 25% Madrid, 15% barca (115 votes).

  • @Nally I agree, but one injury to Messi and Neymar would be in the perfect place to rocket!

  • the dividens of a return to barca will cover any drop i believe and he will still get a load of pb. messi is 32 and neymar is 4 years younger. i just dont see him leaving. sorry but the bookies do this every couple of weeks with neymar shorten the odds to make it look more valuable then go back to psg being favourites its a joke

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