Scott Mckenna

  • Aberdeen reportedly turned down a couple of bids, the highest being a £7 million bid from a team in England. What would he be woth if he was from an English Youth System? Double or treble that i'd imagine. So where will he end up and for how much?

  • @NewUser416079 can’t see him going anywhere pal, the dons would crumble without him. Not that I’d complain, but they need some solidity and he’s it

  • @NewUser382165

    Never understood the big deal about him.
    Everytime i see him...He seems like an accident waiting to happen.

    Cant see him going for millions unfortunately.

  • Im a season ticket holder at Pittodrie and McKennas performances have not been what they were last season. He has had an injury to contend with but also looking like a player that wants away in my opinion . Ever since he handed in a transfer request he hasn’t looked as interested.

    I think he will be away in either January or the summer but do not think it will be for the price of the previous bids submitted. Think his stock has taken a bit of a hit but reckon he will still get a move to a Mid table championship club .

  • @AlanS94 What is Cosgrove like? Always scores loads but wondered if he has potential to kick on at a higher level.

  • @Will78

    Hes a big carthorse.
    League 1 at best I'd say

  • @Will78 when he first arrived he was putting a lot of effort in but not finding the breaks but has went on a good scoring run since then but that has made his overall play more lazy in my opinion. His scoring record is largely down to penalties. He is a good striker of the ball but as somebody else has said league 1 perhaps lower end of championship but no better than that. He can be quite immature at times and picks up some needless bookings and commits needless fouls.

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