Brand newbian trying to figure it out

  • @NewUser417270 I have a tip... ignore the thread entitled "Henderson vs Neymar"

  • @NewUser417270 wow... look at your user number.....that's the biggest one I've seen on here😁 FI is still growing!!! change your name from "new user" to something that other users can relate too, would be my first tip.
    Buy several players to diversify your portfolio.
    Some cheap potential pb dividend earners.
    Are a few cheap players I own for example.
    I'm sure these will see decent rises when their seasons start.

    Hold some potential mb dividend earners.
    Martial (very cheap atm imo)
    Sterling. (Also good value imo)

    All depends on your total value of your portfolio whether it's worth holding just a couple of the higher priced players.

    This strategy tends to balance out as some players will drop but others will rise helping you to de-risk and help prevent any big losses.
    I hold 30 players all with different reasons to hold.
    The forum is great and most people on here are very knowledgeable and have some really good suggestions, do your own research,even if it's off the back of a forum mention.

    Other people pump Henderson for example.....

  • My first mistake was panic selling, if one of your players drops in price and you can't see any reason for it ie injury, transfer to a lesser team, rape lol ect then don't panic because money generally will come back into that player. So avoid instant selling and over trading because commission will soon eat into your profits.
    Good luck fi is the future of gambling

  • Couple rules of thumb:

    1/ Compare players in other positions at similar sized clubs to judge their value.
    2/ Never look at the trending page. That’s shark infested waters with where losers pump and dump rubbish players like Afghanistani 3rd choice keepers.
    3/ Never panic buy or sell. Hold calm. Otherwise you will lose all your hard earned profit.
    4/ Attacking young players at the five biggest clubs (in the five European leagues) traditionally make the most profit.
    5/ English players have the added bonus of being in the press more often. So they win more media dividends. This is why they cost more.
    6/ Spend a lot of time on the forum researching.
    7/ Read articles on the net about up and coming talent. That’s probably where I’ve made most of my biggest profits. Vinicius, Rodrygo, Brewster etc. All found on the web before ppl were talking about them on FI.
    Basically the more time and effort you put into FI the more returns you make. Enjoy ✌🏻😉

  • Also some really helpful vids on you tube just search fig these helped me immensely

  • To begin with id buy players you are familar with in teams you are likely to watch then work from there. Household names can be good too but will likely be higher priced but if stick to what you know you’ll have more confidence and patience in your portfolio. Once you get to grips with the platform start researching more teams and other leagues. Patience is by far the most important part of FI but you cant have that unless you are confident in the players you have selected.

    Remember when selling there is always 2% commission so factor that into your desired profit margin

  • @Dan-w But I thought Henderson was better than Neymar? So you're saying I shouldn't have sold my portfolio to go deep on Henderson????

  • @IceCat 😂do you know what i love about that thread, i have done a lot of research and considered so many different players but Henderson isnt one that has ever peaked my interest in slightest

  • This post is deleted!

  • @NewUser417270

    do not instant sell & panic...i have bruno fernandes atm £92 in the red...most ppl would sell up but he will definately be on the move at some point next year maybe even this window & with the euros coming up i felt no need to sell the 200 shares

    also change your username from newuser417270 haha i got told that because its easier to recognise who ppl are talking to as all new users are named similar

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