Brand newbian trying to figure it out

  • Got all hyped when started looking into this, now im signed up feel lost any begginer tips on some core holders? not looking to make fast cash looking to hold for atleast 30 days probably a broad question starting with low deposits while im feeling it out thanks for any responses.

  • @NewUser417270 Hold players for more than 3o days usually unless your doing it for ipds

  • Read the pinned topics on the forum and ask lots of questions. Lots of good advice here if your willing to listen to some of the experienced guys. Get ready to make some mistakes at the very beginning and learn from them.

  • pretty much everyone feels lost when they first start, don't worry. Because it's the start of the season market is a bit more volatile than usual too.

    Having a read through this thread is probably a good start. There's lots of info in many places now. Read as much as you can, study the market and filter what feels good for you. Try a couple of things out - see what works and what doesn't and why. Good luck, and enjoy!

  • @NewUser417270 Depends on your goals. Are you looking to make a profit over a long period of time, such as holding a player for a year or two? Or do you lean towards shorter term gains? You need to evaluate what's best for your personality type. If you recognise that you can be patient then invest in players you think will be consistent and have years of growth in them. If you think you lean towards a more instant gratification, look for players coming up in the next month or so who are likely to play well, then sell in the hype and go again. There are many ways to make money on FI, but I suggest absolutely reading through the pinned threads and academy basics so you have a general idea. Then you can ease into your portfolio!

  • Only purchase so far been maguire risen slightly but im guessing thats from the media does anyone expect it to drop, just feel hes going to be a main man for united this season but not sure on how dividends work properly and weather defenders in general hit decent sell highs, reading as much as possible in my free time, and also is best to look at the under £1 market or more safer popular players starting out?

  • @IceCat my goal is going to be more long term when ive invested a decent amount would welcome any smaller gains while building the portfolio i guess, but again can see me makimg the noob mistakes attempting to do that which i want to avoid as best as possible with as much help there seems to be out there, from what ive seen.

  • Biggest 2 tips.
    Always do your own research. generally people are very helpful, but anyone posting that xxxx looks good value obviously holds them and will benefit from others buying them, so decide for yourself if its a good move or not.

    And try to be patient. The number of times I've sold and seen a player spike afterwards. You'll see a lot of panic selling, esp on Mondays

    Read through the other newbie threads as they are very useful, and defo look at How PB scores work.

    last one....there are a few threads on 20p / 40p / £1 players. have a look at those and see if you can spot a bargain for yourself. Good Luck

  • I would also add, be aware of not panicking when one of your players starts dropping. It’s very easy to get caught up in selling hype for the slightest thing.

  • Thanks guys much appreciated will study up a bit more ☺

  • @MJDubya yep. wilshire a recent example for me.

    bought at 68p, He rose before 1st game to 88p......cue a defeat to City and he is down to 71p.

    He has been fit and playing well pre-season And scored goals. Not sure what the investors who sold after the City game expected hom to do. Obv there's some people just taking the 10-20p profit early but no need to panic when you see those dips

  • Read the all things football index thread thats pinned. Pretty much covers all the basics and theres some good podcast links to listen to if thats your thing. Good luck trading.

  • @NewUser417270 I also wrote a short piece yesterday on the usefulness of creating a spreadsheet (if that's your thing!)

  • @NewUser417270 said in Brand newbian trying to figure it out:

    Thanks guys much appreciated will study up a bit more ☺

    Have you looked at all the performance buzz matrix/in player divided payouts and media buzz pay outs?

    If you haven’t then I strongly suggest read and read again how you can win.

  • All good advice above.

    Two other tips, avoid defensive midfield players on FI. Players are cheap for a reason. Kante is one of the world's best players and only 61p, this is because they don't score well on the PB matrix and rarely, if ever, win dividends. He was in a more attacking midfield position last year and still won zero dividends.

    Use websites like Footy Index Scout, Index Gain and to check stats, dividends etc. Footy Index Scout is good but dividends haven't been adjusted since price split, so look at number of wins instead. Index Gain has paid services but free stuff good enough for beginners.

  • Also started recently and know how you feel. Had been watching, reading and learning for months but now the money's actually involved it's a whole different game. My port is down which isn't a good start, but my biggest holds are Locadia and Fabregas so I think i've just been unlucky.

    There are so many current topics and past topics on here that have been great to myself but of course - take it all with a pinch of salt.

  • @NewUser417270 I have a tip... ignore the thread entitled "Henderson vs Neymar"

  • @NewUser417270 wow... look at your user number.....that's the biggest one I've seen on here😁 FI is still growing!!! change your name from "new user" to something that other users can relate too, would be my first tip.
    Buy several players to diversify your portfolio.
    Some cheap potential pb dividend earners.
    Are a few cheap players I own for example.
    I'm sure these will see decent rises when their seasons start.

    Hold some potential mb dividend earners.
    Martial (very cheap atm imo)
    Sterling. (Also good value imo)

    All depends on your total value of your portfolio whether it's worth holding just a couple of the higher priced players.

    This strategy tends to balance out as some players will drop but others will rise helping you to de-risk and help prevent any big losses.
    I hold 30 players all with different reasons to hold.
    The forum is great and most people on here are very knowledgeable and have some really good suggestions, do your own research,even if it's off the back of a forum mention.

    Other people pump Henderson for example.....

  • My first mistake was panic selling, if one of your players drops in price and you can't see any reason for it ie injury, transfer to a lesser team, rape lol ect then don't panic because money generally will come back into that player. So avoid instant selling and over trading because commission will soon eat into your profits.
    Good luck fi is the future of gambling

  • Couple rules of thumb:

    1/ Compare players in other positions at similar sized clubs to judge their value.
    2/ Never look at the trending page. That’s shark infested waters with where losers pump and dump rubbish players like Afghanistani 3rd choice keepers.
    3/ Never panic buy or sell. Hold calm. Otherwise you will lose all your hard earned profit.
    4/ Attacking young players at the five biggest clubs (in the five European leagues) traditionally make the most profit.
    5/ English players have the added bonus of being in the press more often. So they win more media dividends. This is why they cost more.
    6/ Spend a lot of time on the forum researching.
    7/ Read articles on the net about up and coming talent. That’s probably where I’ve made most of my biggest profits. Vinicius, Rodrygo, Brewster etc. All found on the web before ppl were talking about them on FI.
    Basically the more time and effort you put into FI the more returns you make. Enjoy ✌🏻😉

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