The Man city midfield and Phil Foden - analysis. What are Foden's chances?

  • @NewUser159387 I do agree with you at current price he doesn't represent much value compared to some other players. I hold a fair amount in KDB and he's slowly risen a lot for me. Would be quite a while I'd imagine before Foden to start winning dividends as well like you mentioned. Main reason people buying him now would be for CA/Euros next summer

  • @Andy Wish I got more at that price to be far. I won't be topping up on him though at current price, I'll just settle for what I have on him.

  • I think Foden will be potentially the best player of his generation in midfield, but I don't think he'll be a regular start for at least 12 months, and i'm not convinced he'll make the euros next summer so I'm hoping for a big sell off then so I can jump on! KDB definitely is the safer investment, the only worry with him is injuries. I'm looking to invest when my ISA matures on a couple of young English midfielders and currently leaning towards Maddison over Foden, even looked at Harry Winks.

  • @ChazFI123 Agreed, I only see him being a starter once David Silva leaves after this season. I'm also hoping for the same as you haha! Doesn't make the squad, mass sell off ensues and then a big price drop so I can hop on. Might've been a slight hint from Southgate the fact that he didn't take him to the Nations league?
    Maddison has more PB potential for the season compared to Winks, although I do think Winks has more chance of starting for England. Maddison has too much competition in terms of attacking players to start imo.

  • Given he’s probably a year or two away from being England’s best player for the following ten years 15th on the index doesn’t seem too bad.
    Particularly when it’s obvious that his game will be a good fit for pb.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Hmm I do take your point. It's just at the moment I think he's a bit too pricey for what he's currently doing/will most likely do for this season anyways. Which is still relatively limited gametime and appearances from the bench. At almost £4 you could argue there is a lot better value elsewhere for short-medium term

  • Will keep this post in mind and bring it back up again closer to Euros to see what price comparison and how his season has gone

  • @Andy you really think he will be cheaper directly before or after the euros? No way he will be anything near £3-3.50 next year, he will be double that regardless of playing time even before the euros.

  • @Mr-Random-number say he doesn’t make the euros squad why wouldn’t that not cause his price to drop?

  • @Mr-Random-number said in The Man city midfield and Phil Foden - analysis. What are Foden's chances?:

    @Andy you really think he will be cheaper directly before or after the euros? No way he will be anything near £3-3.50 next year, he will be double that regardless of playing time even before the euros.

    That was just more wishful thinking haha, he’d have to have a medium/long term injury to drop down to around £3. So there’s 2 instances where I could potentially see him being cheaper
    1: he doesn’t make the Euros squad. Also no U21 tournaments etc... correct me if I’m wrong? People will sell off because of this
    2: directly after/right towards the end of the Euros, where people will be wanting to take profits when his price is at its peak, another sell off I reckon.

  • I've got quite a lot of money in foden at an average buy price of £3.54.

    It's a funny one. I'd agree that his short term dividends potential possibly struggles to justify his price, but I'm not too sure about the people who are saying he currently doesnt represent value but may do next season. They'll probably point to opportunity cost but I would suggest a year from now he could easily be £5.

    I'm a big fan, I wouldn't be shocked if he made the euros. I wouldn't be shocked if he made headlines in cup games. I wouldn't be shocked if he pushed some of those mentioned very hard for their place in the city side.

    A lot of people, me included, will happily invest in a player who they believe will be huge in the future. Admittedly, these players will often be half foden's price or less, much less in some cases, but I think id rather have him that 7-8 50p punts because I reckon hes a virtual certainty to be amongst the best in the world, and being english theres no danger of him being a world class player who manages to avoid winning divs like one or 2 I could name

  • @ChazFI123 sorry I meant cheaper than his current price now. If all goes well and the index grows at current rate I’d say he will be £7ish near tail end of season. If he doesn’t make the squad can’t see him going any lower than £6. So I’d invest now at £3.79 or whatever he is but it’s only my opinion.

  • @Mr-Random-number I’ve started to realise that everyone’s price is basically going to go up as the platform grows and there’ll be more money in it, so will probably just go for the tried and tested pairing of young and English 😂

  • @ChazFI123 I’d love to get on maguire but I refuse to put more money into the index this season (already 8k over my original budget) and I’m not going to sell anyone as I’m happy with what I have, if I start chopping and changing now I’ll never stop ✋ 100% maguire will double in value plus loads of dividends.

  • @Mr-Random-number @MickTurbo i do take both of your points. He could easily be around the price points you guys mentioned come the end of the season, given platform growth and hype around him. I’ll monitor him very closely this season - if I feel his value will rocket whether he makes the squad or not for Euros, then I will definitely invest. Interesting one

  • @ChazFI123 agreed. Everyone’s value will go up - I do suspect Foden’s value will shoot up when it comes to Euros/tail end of the season

  • @MickTurbo hi mate if and when Foden starts regular for city how do you see his game suiting the new pb matrix?

  • Obviously it's hard to be sure mate but hes a good dribbler so that boads well. In a team like city, theres gonna be plenty of 'big chances created' loads of opportunities for key passes, and with the likes of aguero, sterling and jesus ahead of him, a big chance created will very often result in an assist.

    Hes very tidy and even at such a young age, seems to retain possession very well.

    If I said much more I'd be waffling to be honest but I think he'll score well. As is the case with even the very best PB players though, your never gonna win it unless your playing a minimum of 75 minutes

  • @MickTurbo agreed. He hasn’t really played enough for us to tell if his game suits the matrix or not. Just looking at his style of play when watching games, like you said he is good at dribbling and passing. Agree with you saying playing at city there will always be big chances to be created. Time will only tell - I suspect we won’t see him starting consistently until next season

  • City pass more than have dribblers, can you imagine the bollocking you’d get from losing the ball from PEP.
    They are possession based and not counter attacking also.
    You’d be looking at key passes and assist I reckon at city.

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