The Man city midfield and Phil Foden - analysis. What are Foden's chances?

  • @MickTurbo I think this season he’ll carry on learning from silva etc and most of his appearances will be off the bench.
    He needs to prove to Pep this year he can replace Silva and take that role for the 20/21 season.
    I’m with you I think this guy can go all the way to the top!
    I want to invest long long term on a player and for me he ticks a lot of boxes

  • Thought I'd bring this thread back up just as a one month on review of what's happened. Price has gone down by about 20p, currently sitting at 3.59 as of writing. If he dips to around 3.30, might hop on him. Don't personally see him dropping much further closer to 3.00. Thoughts? (Also hasn't played as much as people would expect, only 5/10mins off the bench towards the end of games really)

  • Start of the season everyone is fit and fresh and there isnt a fixture pile up. Once the games start coming thick and fast Foden will be expect to play more an more, once he starts playing his price will rise, great time to top up I believe.

    I already own.

  • @Sill7 I am tempted to buy, only problem is I'd have to sell someone from my current port to own him. I still don't expect him to really rise until next summer when David Silva finally leaves. Only people I'd be willing to sell to fund him is messi or havertz from my port.

  • I have held him since £2.04, U21 games over the next week, all cup games...think he is worth the hold personally.

  • @gball1975 I might hop on him tbf, just trying to figure out when the best time to do it is. I was thinking around spring time next year, but not too sure. What do you reckon? I guess the only slight concern I have is I’m not sure he’ll be this low a price again

  • @Andy U21 play Turkey tonight and Kosovo on Monday. Man City play 7 games in the next 30 days including x1 League Cup & x2 CL games. So Foden has 9 possible games within the next 30 days. Of course he won't play all the City league games but I think worth jumping on now.

  • @gball1975 good call. Might hop on him a little later. I do still think he’s a little expensive, but doubt I’d get him for this price again. Hopefully he starts a few games in the coming month

  • Nice post Andy.

    Pep said Foden is the most talented player he's ever seen, perhaps he was being kind but it's a bold statement considering some of the men he's coached and played with.

    Could make for an interesting choice come the Euro's.

  • @Dan-The-Man thanks.
    Yeah, someone mentioned on here it would’ve been interesting to see him on loan to see how well he really plays, but I suspect once fixtures start piling up, he might start and odd league cup game here and there. An injury to D.Silva/KDB is the only way I see him starting any potential premier league game. Will have to see how he gets on in the coming months

  • @Andy

    He's arguably a better investment if he doesn't play.

    Buy the dream... etc

  • 2 assists in the u21 game tonight, shame we couldn't watch it to see how well he played

  • @Andy Always performs for U21....needs to get some club games under his belt...role on the League Cup!!!

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