• The Trackers, e.g. Tracker 10.

    If you buy this are you buying a share in the specific players who are in the top 10 at that moment, or are you buying a 'token' that trackers how much the top 10 most expensive players are on a rolling basis?

  • The former. Buying 1 tracker 10 just buys you 1 future in each of the top 10 players at time of purchase. They don't come as a package per se so you have to sell them individually (i.e. you are selling the players rather than selling the tracker).

  • @NewUser78784 That's a shame. It would be good to have it as a fluid entity.
    So they just value the top 10 on a rolling basis, and if 'a top 10 player' gets buzz, you do too.

    Ah well- won't be doing THAT!

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