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  • Im sure all championship clubs have a youngest they rate and think could be the next big thing so does anyone have a hidden gem in the championship who they think havent been found yet and would get a premiership move/promotion next year. Looking for this years dan james/ mason mount early so preferably an attacking player and preferably under pound

  • I imagine I'm not the only one who reckons their team have a gem that's not yet IPO'd

  • U can still put him on here lol. I can keep a look out for him then

  • Ah go on then, hayden Coulson, young left back at boro. Gets up and down, has a trick and can actually defend.

    I'd normally keep my cards close to my chest but after the last IPO debacle, fuck it, what's the point

  • @MickTurbo cheers ill deffo take a look at him 👍 yeah hopefully if he comes on ipo its done better and he a decent price

  • At Reading it’s Andy Rinhomota (42p) - 22 year old midfielder. Had his first full season last year and won player of the year. Before that he was in our academy sides so is a relatively late developer but is starting to look the real deal.

  • Not exactly the next big thing but someone with plenty of room to grow is Izzy Browne in my opinion. Has shown he can do it in the championship 3 years ago when he was 18/19 with Huddersfield but had an awful loan spell at Leeds where he was injured for the whole season. Now on loan at Luton from Chelsea and has a similar price to when he was out injured all season. Now 22 with a lot to prove.

    Made his debut in the cup last night and was the best player on the pitch.


  • @Joseph forgot to mention, his current price is 38p...

  • So much opportunity in the championship.. Jacob Murphy and Kadeem Harris both wingers for sheffield wednesday mid 20s both scored in the league already this year. 25p and 23p respectively...

    Also thank you to the guy who just pointed out Isiaah Brown at 38p..what a snip, lots to prove this year after being injured all year at leeds

  • Was about to post a similar thread! May still do. Re-jigged my strategy and I’m looking at young attacking championship talent. Some of my buys:

    Just bought Ollie Watkins (62p) 23yo starter at Brentford who i fancy for play offs at least. Been linked to Prem clubs in the past

    Also i have Bersant Celina from Swansea (48p) as he is a Kosovo international with a real chance of making the Euros. Also play England in September and November, so fingers crossed gets buzz from those games. Attacking mid.

  • @Sutt98 100% agree that Ollie Watkins will end up a premier league player, if not at the end of this season then definitely the rest. Think the PL would probably suit his game more too

  • @ChazFI123 fingers crossed! Hopefully he can help to replace some of Maupay’s goals! Brentford have got a good team this year, especially with Pontus Janssen at the back.

  • Went to my first Forest game of the season last night (largely because i wanted to take a look at all these new bloody players we've signed) and was most impressed with 18 year old midfielder Brennan Johnson who came on as substitute and looked very direct, quick and aggressive with his powerful forward running. Always looked to attack and wasn't shy in taking players on (and beating them) so maybe one to watch for the future!!! He's also the son of Forest & Ipswich striker David Johnson so certainly has a footballing pedigree and if he ever makes the index could be one to look out for!!!

    Also at Forest Matt Cash is a young lad with a good attitude and enough ability to make the Premier League grade.. A good season for him and no doubt the likes of Burnley & Watford will be hawking!!!

    If its players already IPO'd who I think could potentially get big moves next summer I think Calvin Phillips will be playing Premier League football next season (with or without Leeds) whilst yes to Ollie Watkins and also Jayden Bogle at Derby could go on to big things??

    Also like the look of Kyle Edwards at West Brom who again is yet to IPO!!

  • @Joseph just bought Izzy Brown at 39p. Long term he could even benefit from being involved in Chelsea friendlies, especially given that key players may still be recovering from the Euros in that period.

  • How about the Championship Pogba? Alfa Semedo. He was class on Saturday against Leeds. Massive Pogba like frame. Looks a great box to box midfielder.Only 44p at the minute. Hard to see no premiership interest in him at some stage.

  • @dannypea Of all the Forest players I saw against Leeds on Saturday it was Alfa Semedo who stood out there. We would have won without him. He was rested last night tho I believe.

  • @Dalien-Smith I kept an eye on that game too, great to see his attitude. Celebrating a big tackle like scoring a goal, was really impressed.

    He has scored in the Champions League for Benfica previously from range too and in Florentino Luis I think Benfica are happy, so Alfa may well leave. Didn't get many opportunities on loan at Espanyol previously but this season he could grow and become a monster in the middle, only aged 21 too.

  • @BenniiP That was a match winning tackle. Gets it wrong and it's a penalty. Sure got some pedigree. Forest have had 2 tough opening fixtures. I fancy him to really shine against lesser opponents in the coming weeks.

  • @Dalien-Smith yeah he was sat in the box next to me so can't really say a lot although he looks tall and young!!!

    Early days though, we've signed so many players it's difficult to say who will start and where let alone who will kick on to better things?? I expected a lot from Gil Dias and Joao Carvalho this time last season and one ended up in Greece with the other struggling to get in the side by May.. I think Semedo will do well but might not differentiate in price a lot during the season due to the position he plays and the fact that he won't be going anywhere until the season is over!!!

  • 0_1565777553590_upload-0b8088ed-6e07-41db-80fe-407d5b04f758

    Ive just pumped a load of money into these boys in the not gonna go into stats etc that ive dug out because i cant be bothered to collate them lol but feel free to check them out. Seems promising for me and quite 'low risk' given the spreads are attractive offering a get out should they not perform as i expect this season.

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