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  • I was doing some comparison between Foyth and Walker-Peters and wondered if this is an example of someones price been boosted just because they are young and English.

    I'm by no means an expect on all things Spurs but Foyth played more than double the amount of minute of KWP last season (888 vs 374) scored one goal against KWP 0 and whilst KWP assisted 3 to Foyth's 0 it appeared (to me at least) that Foyth was Poch's favoured of the two at right back.

    I know KWP started there at the weekend but Foyth's red card has him suspended for the first 3 games of the season but do we see him coming back and taking the right back slot from KWP when he is available.

    Foyth is currently only £0.88 compared to KWP £1.20 and I wondered if there was another reason other than "he's young and English."

  • @Brabbn Foyth had a bad ankle injury. Unknown length of absence but not back any time soon

  • @Brabbn @SteveP is right about the ankle injury. That said -going on previous injury trajectories you would hope he would be over £1 once he returns. Might just have to be patient for steady rise.

  • @SteveP @NewUser731 I told you I wasn't an expert on Spurs, and I'm apparently incapable of reading match reports from pre-season #MyBad.

    Now read reports he's due back in training in September, but whether that's start middle or end who knows.

  • @Brabbn Foyth played the majority of his minutes at centre-back last season, and though he has been used as a right-back towards the end of the season, and i think by Argentina in the Copa America, it might be a bit premature yet to see him as a full-time right-back.

    Will be interesting to see when he comes back from injury, along with Aurier, as to who Poch favours in that position. I like Foyth as a CB but he clearly has the ability and technique to play as a RB as well.

    I also think Foyth is well suited to the PB matrix as a defender in a similar vein to Laporte (though of course he has a long way to go to match his level and quality). All in all a good hold i think - Poch rates him very highly and with Alderweireld ageing, i think there is a plan for Foyth to become a regular at CB in the next few years.

  • @Wotabeast I think Poch likes him at right back and is "blooding" him there before he moves back into centre defence. Think he will be one of 3 centre back next season when Toby leaves. I don't think Poch likes/rates Aurier and if it hadn't been for Foyth getting injured preseason he would happily sell Aurier to the higgest bidder.

  • https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/2019/august/foyth-injury-update/

    Due to start training again in September so the injury isn't that bad.
    He was playing the pre season games at right back so think he's in with a good chance of getting a lot of minutes this season at RB or CB, especially with the amount of games Spurs have.
    Solid hold IMO

  • @Brabbn Yeah you could be right. One thing i'm pretty confident of is that he will rise a fair bit between now and his injury comeback - so if you're thinking of getting on, i would say now is the time.

  • Poch has been training him at RB for a year now. He started ahead of KWP in key matches last season and also played there for Argentina at the COPA. Expects him to get regular minutes across CB and RB this season as Poch loves him and seems to view him as his protege, Spurs fought hard to beat PSG for his signing. Should be fit by end of September.

  • Pump alert!
    Foyth has just started Argentina's last two friendlies at right back. Now he's fit and with Tottenham's problems, surely he'll be back this weekend replacing Sissoko who started v Southampton?

  • @BOOM If he can't replace a central midfielder at right back then he may as well quit now. I know he's technically a CB but Poch has played him more at RB than CB. Aurier is a liability (IMO) and Poch obv doesn't trust Walker-Pieters yet as he's thinking about loaning him out (according to reports today).

  • @Brane_Ormso Glad to see you agree 👍

  • Poch does not trust KWP it seems and he was grooming Foyth at RB last season and in pre season before his injury. Its assumed he will be the starting RB for the rest of the season, or at least until Jan.

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