Eriksen or Bernardo Silva

  • Looking for my next long term hold and when i say long term i mean 6-12 months.

    Both of these look tempting still at their prices, who would be more beneficial cap app and dividend earning wise over the aforementioned period?

  • Silva for me. Younger and in a better team, which will probably be finalists in every competition, and then when hes won all of that, hell be off to the euros for a few extra games too.

  • Erkisen for me. I see him staying at Spurs without signing a new contract meaning he'll be a free agent next summer and lots of transfer spec.
    Also very sneakily put in a PB score of 124 against Villa with just 24 minutes on the pitch. The new matrix suits him well and can see him racking up some big PB scores this season if, as I believe, he's still at Spurs on September 2nd.

  • @NewUser275766 id go Bernardo i think he will develop into one the best players in the world

  • I like Bernardo better but for FI purposes I'd pick Eriksen.

    *Set piece responsibilities at spurs and national level.

    • Less competition for PB and MB in both teams.

  • Definatly Erickson for me, especially if he is still here after the end of August(which is looking likely) his potential to win PB is higher as well as the inevitable transfer speculation which will arise both in Jan or next summer.

  • 100% Eriksen. Does Bernardo Silva ever win divs? Eriksen is nailed on for transfer spec in Jan and next summer too

  • Trouble with Bernardo is game time

    If you assume that City play 433 and it's Sterling, Jesus or Aguero and Mahrez or Sane (when fit) as the front three

    Then either Rodri or Fernandinho will play as the holding mid

    That leaves David Silva, Bernardo, De Bruyne, Foden & Gundogen fighting for the two remaining places

  • @StevieP

    He played 47 games across all competitions for City last year. Don't see that dropping for this season. He'll get plenty of game time.

  • Silva for me. Getting better and better

  • @StevieP bernardo mainly played ahead of sane usually on the left wing and even when sane was brought on bernardo usually dropped into midfield in place of the substituted player to allow sane onto the wing. Bernardo will play ahead of Mahrez most of the time imo

  • @Burial said in Eriksen or Bernardo Silva:


    He played 47 games across all competitions for City last year. Don't see that dropping for this season. He'll get plenty of game time.

    How many times does he play 90 mins though? That's an issue for me, players who are consistently subbed off early

  • @Static From what I can tell was only subbed off before 80 mins twice when starting. Obviously appeared from the bench a few times but most of these were in the first half of the season before he'd cemented his place. People under estimate how highly Pep rates him. Named him his player of the season, as did the fans.

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