Ireland excluded from promotion

  • Why? Anyone able to give a reason?

    FI not supporting Ireland’s stance on Brexit?

  • Yes, no ROI(Republic of Ireland, not Return Of Investment, lol). I called FI this morning about this....they gave no real reason just saying 'sorry'. Northern Ireland also excluded....its all very Brexit! #OneIslandOneIreland #UnitedRepublicOfIreland

  • Haha it'll be some boring gambling law or such like. I've seen it before on other such competitions not just FI.

  • @Ben_pz

    That’s a boring answer... I prefer a Boris Johnson anti backstop conspiracy pls!!

  • @NewUser184462 You're right sorry. It's definitely Brexit.

    Bloody Brexit

  • Under their (NI) legislation, the Betting, Gaming, Lotteries and Amusements (Northern Ireland) Order 1985, as amended11, any pay-to-enter promotion is illegal unless it has a genuine free entry route as well.
    The definition of payment in Northern Ireland means any payment except the cost of a phone call or first or second class stamp. Therefore advertisers are not able to run promotions where entrants are required to purchase a product at the usual price, as you can in the rest of the UK. Advertisers wishing to run such promotions across the whole of the UK will need therefore either to include a free entry route for residents of Northern Ireland or have a free entry route for all entrants. Alternatively, they could exclude residents of Northern Ireland from entering the promotion completely

  • @DrDog

    What about the republic?

  • Another promotion and again the Republic of Ireland is excluded

  • Am I right in any new user signing up have a chance of winning too?

    Might spam my Facebook friends to spend a tenner. Get me a tenner and then have a Chance to win a grand.


  • I think FI should give all Irish and non GB traders a complimentary £10 of credit to make up for not being part of most of the giveaways on the platform.
    A goodwill gesture 😜😂😂

  • @Gregolocky or kick the non GB buyers out as its UK only :)

  • @Munchie63

    Oh look - Nigel Farage is on the index!!!

  • @Munchie63 said in Ireland excluded from promotion:

    @Gregolocky or kick the non GB buyers out as its UK only :)

    So, kick out the traders from Northern Ireland too? You do know GB and UK aren't interchangeable?

  • If Ireland isn't included in the promotion FI should not be sending promo emails to users from Ireland.

  • @NewUser184462 don't be stupid mate.

    And you're welcome to debate this with me in person to see how wrong and stupid that remark is.

    Traders in Sweden had accounts closed, If you open the app outside of the UK your account can be closed.

    N Ireland is of course, part of the UK and not an issue. Last time I looked I believe the ROI was outside the UK. If I'm wrong and those traders can legitimately trade then fine.
    But to throw that racism card at me ? wide of the mark mate and a cheap shot.

  • @FI-Manager

    N. Ireland is in the UK and traders from the UK are allowed to have accounts. My understanding is that non-UK accounts can be closed down. I appreciate that may bother some traders, but IF that's correct it's not my fault.
    I'm not burning books here. Merely making the point the accounts are either legit or not. But the issue is in N.I. law banning any prize draw that doesnt have free entry. Take it up with them, not me.

  • From the T+C page

    (c) are resident in the UK;

    How am I being Farage by pointing out a T+C, even if it may offend some users who live there and trade against FI's terms

  • @Munchie63 youve misunderstood what @FI-Manager was saying. He was pulling you up on the fact you said "kick out non GB buyers as its uk only" when GB refers to the island of great britain as in england, scotland and wales not NI. You are also completely wrong about the ROI as they are legitimately allowed to trade as were swedish accounts before swedish gambling laws were altered

  • @EThomas9 but the T+C's clearly state must be a UK resident ?

    And apologies to FI-manager if I mis-read his post

  • @Munchie63 thats just because they havent updated their t's & c's. FI has been available in ireland since september 14th 2018

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