Players not rising

  • Can anyone tell me why modric,jovic and geldof Martin's are not rising.
    Have I missed something here

  • @NewUser389715 Read last night that Serbia's 2 main newspapers said that Zidane isn't keen on Jovic so is looking to loan him out (no clue how credible that is though)

  • patience my friend, they are not rising because no one Is buying.

    The La Liga season has not started yet so the focus on that league is less at the moment, everyone went big buying prem players last week as it was the start of the season. LALIGA will have its time.

  • That's a shame if any truth in it he will be huge bonuses for Madrid this season

  • Cheers sill7 I was hoping that's the case I only have small holes on them but hope they
    If they stay that is.Ive heard that PSG want modric but wants to stay and see his contract out potentially another bale on there hands I think.

  • @NewUser389715 Contrary to popular belief not ALL players rise ALL the time.
    The market has been booming and a lot of players have been rising but as the season settles money is going to move around a lot - out of players not performing and into those that are.

  • @Saw72 said in Players not rising:

    Can anyone tell me why modric,jovic and geldof Martin's are not rising.
    Have I missed something here

    Modric is a holding midfielder like Kante that has never been worth anything on FI, despite being world player of the year. Jovic is quality, but a classical one touch finisher that doesn’t win much PB. (This could change as he adapts his game) So is a bit of risk until ppl see him performing.

  • I mentioned kante not rising..hes shot up £9 just in first half

  • Patience is key if you believe in your players you’ve invested in. 2 weeks ago my portfolio was ‘only’ 0.8% in the green. Read through all my holds and why I purchased them and still believed that they’d come good. Fast forward and it’s shot up to 14% so I’m glad I did it rather then panic selling then. Now just trying to work out the best moment to cash out on some 🤪

  • Yes your right with the patients...mine coming together nicely now..nice to see the green now.

  • Patience is what its about. Im a bundesliga fan, have holds in majority bundesliga, only the last few weeks have they started rising properly. In a league full of attacking coaches and plenty of goals week in week out, prices will boom. I dont bother with the hell that is summer transfers anymore, so ive stopped caring when my players drop, if it is a qaulity player, just top up

  • Bundes starting to move as season KO nears, la liga and serie a a bit behind. But thats because money is in the Prem players and also the ligue 1 players as that started last weekend and there have been good rises there.

    Give it a week, two at the most and the rest will rise as money is moved out of players that havent scored in the first couple of games

    Patience is key

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