Change of bank card

  • Does anyone know how I can change my bank card online. Currently, it has my old card and should I wish to withdraw it won’t allow me to. Thanks.

  • I think if you deposit using your new card you should be allowed to withdraw from it in future. I might be wrong though.

  • Thanks although essentially, that means I have to deposit more again just to withdraw future funds. Thanks for response.

  • Essentially yes. As annoying as it is the reason you can't is to do with money laundering checks . There may be another way though

  • I don't think there is another way as (and this is with my compliance hat on) the funds can only be returned to source. As the required checks have been carried out on your old card/account they can accept and return funds to that account.

    When my card expired I had to deposit funds before I could withdraw, so I just topped up the minimum amount £5, and then withdrew the full amount I wanted to including the extra £5.

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