Ryan Gravenberch ...thoughts

  • @gball1975 said in Ryan Gravenberch ...thoughts:

    Ryan Gravenberch, 17 years old, Dutch plays for Ajax through the academy, made the bench a couple of times last season.

    Hailed as the Dutch Pogba (not my words, just quoting media).

    £1.25 currently, been on a downward bit for the last month (was£1.38) but I brought him at 66p.

    Sell on or keep hold?

    I'd say you have made your money on him for the time being and he is currently overpriced. Take your profit and invest in the player Ajax bought as a direct replacement for Frenkie De Jong.

    Razvan Marin at 65p. The 22 year old, Romanian Xavi. (Apparently 😉🤣)

    He will also have a shot at divs for the upcoming European qualifiers also, given that he is a starter for Romania.

  • @gball1975 you've got to think, even if he plays any games for ajax hes not got any chance of winning any dividends so he has a ceiling price wise. He could be worth 10 times what he is now in 3 years but you could make way more than that with proven players in the here and now.

    I say this from experience having bought donny van de beek 2 years ago for a fraction of what hes worth now. I've a tidy profit on him but looking back I've now changed my strategy and buy players who can make me money in dividends and potential price increase.

    Personally I wouldn't look twice at buying raw lad right now so if I held I'd be selling.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do anyway.

  • Would anyone else buy him at £1.25? There’s your answer.

  • @Tom77 ... that comment made my mind up. Sold...jumping into the German league with the monies.

  • There doesnt seem a hope he's making first team any time soon but a prospect nonetheless. If you need the money for sure make an exit. But the question would you buy a teenager at £1.25 in a non pb league? It's not sensible probably. I bought Haland at £1.19. No FI logic to it but I don't know if anybody else noticed but there's some guys out there just snapping up these guys. They did the same with João Felix. It's nuts. Someone's going to get poor

  • If Van de Beek leaves for Real Madrid this transfer window then he might be worth a buy, but as things stand there is not much chance of him featuring for the first team regularly other than a mass injury crisis.

  • @Dalien-Smith 6-12mth hold on haaland before he follows the rest of the RB Salzburg stars across to leipzig.

    Plus that huge goal haul in the tourney

  • @Munchie63 I agree. Salzburg in the Champions League group stage. So goals there will only be great for his price there. Gravenberch not so solid start to the season as Haland but like Salzburg Ajax have a great track record of pushing players into PB leagues.

  • Ryan Gravenberch named as a member of first team squad today as European competition group stages approach. Games will be piling up I imagine. Ryan's chance to shine.

  • @Dalien-Smith

    Its a matter of time.. . Long term hold .. with the way youngsters prices go he is one to have.. . All research points out that he has a big big future ahead!!

  • Just watched somebody IS at least 2000 rashfords and plough all into gravenberch. Then I saw other traders start joining in

  • @Dalien-Smith said in Ryan Gravenberch ...thoughts:

    Ryan Gravenberch named as a member of first team squad today as European competition group stages approach. Games will be piling up I imagine. Ryan's chance to shine.

    So did Jurgen ekkelenkamp who is just 76p and half the price of gravenberch.......

  • @gball1975

    Should rise to around 1.80 similar to other top talents... once he starts playing he will fly way over!

  • Today seems a big milestone. The market is reacting. Could be starting to get minutes now. He was promoted with 3 others but at 17 he's the youngest. Some accomplishment for me.

  • @gball1975 .. hope you kept hold of him!

  • @Ole-ole nope...sold up at 80p profit per share.

  • @gball1975 .. that's a good amount of profit 👍

  • @Ole-ole Yeah wasnt bad for the price at all. Decided was time to move on when he started dropping. Onwards and upwards as they say 😝

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