Worth a quick filip

  • I think mbappe is due a drop before having another rise, so I market solld my 10 shares in him for around 1.35 a future profit.

    With the money I have decided to get on filip Kostic. I got 57 futures with the mbappe money. Eintracht have got Vaduz tomorrow in the qualifiers(the away fixture they won 5-0 with 26 shots and Kostic nabbed two)

    While the qualifiers aren't eligible for ipds, another couple of goals should see a slight increase, and then barring rb Leipzig, they have some favourable first few games in the league.

    He averaged 1.8 spg and 1.7 dribbles last season and bagged six goals and 10 assists. 5 motm awards.

    Maverick move but I hope to be very smug in a couple of months.

    I know Kostic is a well known name on the matrix, but seems to have taken a little dip recently so seemed a good time to get on

  • @Moukoko I'm with you on that. Bought him 2 months ago but his price has been held back due to jovic leaving. Has great pb scores with 4 scores over 200 winning pb twice with one star man, implied divs 14p, 1 0 goals 13 assists.
    Had a great pre season and has struck up a good partnership with joveljic so can't see no reason not to kick on from here even if halland has gone west ham.

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