Injured players: the safest hold?

  • I'm stumbling around an interesting question: Are injured players the safest buys on the index?

    I'm coming to think they are for a few reasons.

    First: they always bounce back take RLC, CHO and most recently Leroy Sane. They always bounce back not dependent on form like other players.

    Secondly, they have less chance of dying or getting a serious career ending injury mainly because they can't play football so they are subjective to less mental and physical stress, unlike fully fit players who do have more of a possibility of this happening.

    Thirdly, and this is out of personal laziness, you don't have to watch their progress all the time as you do with fully fit players ready to buy more or sell them up.

    Fourthly, you can buy great players at a hugely discounted price.


  • Yes I’m seriously considering restructuring my portfolio to focus solely on injured players as a safer, less stressful/time-consuming strategy.

    The key is knowing when to buy in - if you buy in too soon then you could be static for 2-3 months before seeing any gains.

  • Yes I heavily have done this with many players , however it may be a past way to make easy money as you said because I Believe a LOT more people are aware not to IS an injured player my reasoning of this is comparing sane’s small fall compared to other players who had smaller injuries but dropped more than he did I believe this is a cause of much more awareness in the “injured market” yet still a great investment all round

  • Its a great strategy but not 100% safe. Just look at Benjamin Mendy his price has really struggled because hes struggled geeting back to full fitness. Hes a world class player with a colourful personality he ticks a lot of boxes that could make him FI gold but his injury worries have went on for so long that i think a lot of people have lost patience.

    So yes injured players are generally a safe bet but a lot can depend on how well or how quickly they recover

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