The next player to join the £6 + club is?

  • Big gap now for the next player to join Pogba, Neymar, Sancho, Mbappe and Sterling, who do we think is the next £6+

    Really hard to call I think


    Current pack chases below


  • Cho just because he’s young English and if he comes back and plays well he’ll probably rocket

  • rashford - a couple more goals and then starting in the next England game should do it. his mb scores are good and he won pb already.

  • So i think it will need to be a European player which rules out Messi and Salah who will miss growth opportunities during the international breaks.
    Kane is mr steady and will no doubt have a slow gradual rise but be overtaken by others rising faster.
    Greenwood could do it if he was to get a PL goal and then a couple of back to back starts with good performances.
    Felix is probably priced about right for now for a player that won't win any MB and needs to prove his PB.

    So for me it's between CHO and Rashford. I'm gonna go for CHO as has more hype and the opportunity to really stand out in that Chelsea team once he's fully fit again.

  • @janner73 when is cho due back? I agree he will go up quick as soon as he plays again as he will probably win back to back mb and get natural rocket just from being young and playing.

    but if that's not for 2 months I think rashford could do it before then.

  • @Vespasian32 I think he's either back in training or very close to being back in training. That was my only doubt over picking CHO over Rashford. I'm pretty sure it will be one of those 2 and you're absolutely right if it's 2 months before he see's the pitch than Rashford should do it first (assuming no injury).

  • I'd say rashford as well. I've said throughout the summer I see him having a big season and another goal or 2 at the wknd will send him flying again and probably challenging for both MB and PB.

    If he doesnt win the race to £6 he will still get there before too much longer

  • @Vespasian32 Just checked - he returned to training on 9th Aug

  • If Man U go on a roll, then it's Rashford for me

  • @janner73 probably cho then - ill have to buy some!

  • @Vespasian32 Would guess should start seeing him on the pitch again after the international break.

  • Salah, CHO or Rashford for me, no idea who gets there first though

  • Rashford Or kane, also easy draws for respective euro comps will help and england games.

    Cho has while yet before he even starts a game yet alone put in brilliant performances to deserve a big rise in a very unpredictable chelsea side. Probably not until October imo to even start a game at least.

  • Rashford won't play Europa group stage. Reckon he'll hit 6 pound this season definitely also think sterling will hit top 3 by euro 2020

  • Felix is a must !!!!!

  • @NewUser110245 said in The next player to join the £6 + club is?:

    Felix is a must !!!!!

    Is that you saying you think Felix is the next to hit £6 or just a random Felix pump with nothing backing it up? No player on the index is a must as it's all dependent on your budget, time available and appetite for risk :)

  • It's got to be HARRY KANE goal machine spurs to settle in top 4 after 10 games Kane smashes in 13 goals in 16 games with a couple of assists for the hell of it then england games and advancement in europe well he'd be my 2 pennies worth currently £4.99

  • @The-Prophet I do think Kane is under-valued and pretty sure he'll be £6 plus by the Euros. The only reason I didn't go for Kane is he rarely gets a big rocket in price - just slow but steady rises. Would love to see Kane the next there but suspect one of the youngsters will do something that gets a 60-70p rocket in price and fly past him.

  • @janner73 Not been on FI long as been waiting for the season to start so have and have seen the likes of cho, rlc, greenwood, brewster, foden and mount along with rashford all take off and flew to button moon to see mr spoon with rumours and trends over the summer but now when it matters lets see who's got the biggest set and show their the dogs bollocks and earn there price??? but Kane will show he's already the mutts nuts with GOALS GOALS GOALS!!!!

  • If he scores the winner against manchester city in saturday evening's game. Then he will surely have a nice investment charge due to the hype it will bring in Media and have a bump in price ????? But who really knows it might be a total shock and be someone like Firmino !!!!!
    But can safely say he will come from either Man Utd or Chelsea, Liverpool or Spurs!!!!!

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