Yannick Carrasco - China / Europe

  • Amongst the spam, how about a little punt on Yannick turning away from China (money suggest a big money move happening).

    IF, big if, he makes a move in Europe and Arsebakboreviosily interested then a big price pop.

    Fancy a dabble? I have double down investment (not a lot) to have a Europe move and have a PEA type bounce (either now or more likely as a Summer transfer).

    Think China transfer window shuts 28th Feb, so will know soon enough... (hey no a C word in sight, will delight a few members on the forum, have noted a few grumpy ones recently🧐).

  • At 73p I don't see much risk. Could always come back to Europe even if he did go as Paulinho did. Not getting on myself as it doesn't fit my stratagy but definitely see value. He should be going to the world cup so might see a short term way out even if he does go to china. With Belgium in England's group his exposure could be large and more people might jump on seeing the low price.

  • @Happy-Hornet I think has probably worth it at that price yeah. I held him for a while over Christmas and made a bit based on rumours he was going to arsenal but then sold when he started creeping back down.

    Only problem I found was he rarely plays more than about 20 minutes for atletico so it was solely based on rumours cos he could never have good game to spark people's interest.

  • Did you get stung? Hope you and your portfolio 💼 is ok ?

  • Might set up an alert for like a year's time on this. No way he stays in China for longer than 2 seasons, so if I can get him for around 50p you'd expect to at least double your money. Can't justify tying up the capital for it atm though!

  • I invested in him last week and hes dropped DRAMATICALLY!. can't see it going up much now he's confirmed for china

  • @NewUser125668 he is just 24! I think he will come back to europe in 1 or 2 years. I keep him!

  • @NewUser38991

    I think 2 years is dead money the shares are only valid for 3 years If was my money I’d give this some thought to be honest

  • @Chicken-Badge to be honest the drop has been that bad I don't want to sell him I'd rather try my lick and recoup some of it. Don't forget it's a world cup year aswell

  • @NewUser125668 said in Yannick Carrasco - China / Europe:

    @Chicken-Badge to be honest the drop has been that bad I don't want to sell him I'd rather try my lick and recoup some of it. Don't forget it's a world cup year aswell

    Strong World Cup side maybe World Cup if they do well will bring his price up dependant on newbies joining and not realising is value after World Cup will drop again.... a lot will depend on what FI have his team down has or if they can be arsed updating him at China club.

    If I lose bad I invest more in the site to win elsewhere a good jump start trick is take advantage of play through promos like one at last meeting for attendance get a play through that matches the loss on him and do it thst way invest to recoup could be a idea has long as markets on the up! Not due to drop at the time. With my play though I got rid of transfer window loses however I still need to play though £850 to lift restrictions but I’m a trader so here to buy sell anyway

  • @NewUser125668 if goes down to 40p I'm definitely buying.

  • @Stevo

    I think it’s about patience too. I bought so many young talents and sold them. At moment there’s no buyers and just sellers. But he only came in at around 30p I think so he can’t lose much more! I think this will actually set a China president in relation to other players who leave for the country. I fcuked up with Dzyuba and he went to Arsenal Tulsa but I still made by good timing which is always key but I didn’t know he had gone till I googled when he rose before a Europa League game. Like I say if they at FI don’t change his club he stands a chance but it’s your money and hope you all get it right. It feels not nice when people are unlucky enough to be stung by China it cost me 60 x pea at £1.95 each lost probably £100 on that trade timing dam china

  • I'm surprised he's gone in a WC year but presume he's had a vote of confidence by Martinez? He's 24 so will probably stay for 18 months and will grab as much money as he can before discovering the standard is lower than that of Belgium League B which surely will not do anything to improve the ability of an ambitious footballer who's been playing recent seasons in Champions League finals????

    I wouldn't even buy yet as it's dead money? Perhaps a month or two before the WC (if selected) for a short term flip but the best time to lump on might be next Christmas when the Chinese season is over and he's bored enough of eating fried rice & noodles to give his ability another pop of actually trying to 'achieve' something in the game. Bad move, he deserves to fail!!!

  • If I was Adam Cole I’d be rolling out China insurance £1 a month and if any of your squad go there you get back the price 1 minute before the announcement and nose dive 12 month policy protects first 100 shares of your whole portfolio 💼 best thing about china’s is it’s next to Russia he don’t have to go far for World Cup lol 😂 but every share a traders owns cost then a chicken fried rice for sure... buying back your not going to know if it will leave a sweet or sour taste in your mouth don’t knock my jokes... I’m on a spring roll... but buying back now could leave you with egg (fried rice) on your face... (chop) stick or twist... and if he eats too much Chinese Curry he may go on some spectacular runs :-)

  • @Chicken-Badge For the love of God, use some punctuation!

  • @Blue-Python said in Yannick Carrasco - China / Europe:

    @Chicken-Badge For the love of God, use some punctuation!


  • @Chicken-Badge

    Bloody nose but live to fight another day, all part of the FI rough and tumble..

  • @Happy-Hornet said in Yannick Carrasco - China / Europe:


    Bloody nose but live to fight another day, all part of the FI rough and tumble..

    Think you cursed yourself with this post.

    Can happen to any player at anytime. Did you buy many? and did you shift them on or have to IS or keep? The irony was you said about the Chinese transfer window finishing at 28th would of been better to wait till midnight on the day

  • Anything below 65p I think he has to be still worth an investment. England's 3rd game in WC. Belgium could rest the big guns and Belgium may be through. Happy to get in before the rush.

  • I would argue he is still a 'big gun' for Belgium??? he should be kicking around the starting XI for the opening games too??

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