Targets for this season?

  • Two months ago my port value was £10,000 and my target was to hit £15,000 by the end of the season.

    My current port value is already nearly £13,000. Still aiming to hit that £15,000 mark by the end of the season, although at this rate who knows what could happen!

    I really think this product has so much more room for growth, and I remember my first £50 deposit and getting a little buzz seeing my Goretzka had gone up 2p overnight.

  • Target for the season: hoping FI doesnt go bust taking all my money with it! Sorry to be pessimistic, but theres no reward without risk, and FI going bust IS a risk you need to consider. 🤞

  • @Old-Man wow you've deffo got Monday blues eh! 🤣 FI is the greatest product I've ever stumbled upon. They are advertising everywhere and must be raking in the cash right now. They'd sell the product to another established company before they go bust.

  • My target is to stay in some sort of profit whilst learning the platform with the idea I will be in a stronger position for next season having learnt how the market moves etc

  • @Stevo I hope you're right. I guess I'm just trying to make the point that FI is not a guaranteed way of making money. Dreaming of massive returns is great, let's just hope it doesn't turn into a nightmare!!! Having said that, I'm about to leave my job and rely, in part, on returns from FI for my income, so I really dont want it to crash or I'll have to go back to doing a proper job ☹

  • @Old-Man yeah of course you be mad if it didn't cross your mind but to me it's in such a strong position right now. Obviously I dont know what's going on in the background but to advertise on sky at half time of premier league games must cost a pretty penny.

    Just remember they are taking 2% minimum of every single sale made on here and I think I read on Twitter they paid out over million pounds in dividends on the first weekend of the season so cant be doing too bad.

  • Earned about 1k divs since Jan on here... So looking for 2-3k divs this year for my first full season. Already had over 100£ pb divs this season and Neymar mb rolling too, so think it's doable.

  • Great to see others targets and how their portfolios are built to get them towards these targets!! Be good to use this thread as a bookmark, come back around Christmas time and then the end of the season to see how we all get on, hopefully exceeding our targets ;)

  • Joined up in September, made some silly mistakes early on. Selling Jovic and Rice for example way too early as I was learning the ropes. Happily I now sit on 35.8% ROI but only £47 dividends. My short-term aim is 40% ROI and £100 dividends by Christmas, and myabe 50% and £200 dividends by the end of the season.

  • Since I started recording 20 months ago i've been achieving around 7% capital growth per month on average. I aim for 5% a month and believe this will be achievable for a good while to come. So that's at least 60% before taking into account compounding. I think we're in good shape guys.

  • @Westy how bigs your port if you dont mind me asking?

    Until I bought pogba probably about 6-7 weeks ago, what little divs I had won came about almost accidentally.

    I joined in Feb and being uneducated, just loaded up on wonderkids.

    I'm now chokka with premium players but this hasnt been the case for very long admittedly. I'm just north of 11k and about £110 in divs won. But worth noting I was more like 7k until the middle of last week when I whacked 4k down and ploughed it straight into sancho, kane, vvd and messi.

    I'm guessing you've chased divs from day 1 and I'm guessing your port is substantially bigger than mine, but unless you're a real big fish your port:divs ratio must be significantly better than mine. You're probably in a majority of 90 odd % there mind

  • @MickTurbo @Westy has more fingers in pb players than nick the Greek has in dodgy pies.
    He's the dumbledore of pb wizardry.
    If pb was a cricket bat, he's wielding it like Sachin in his pomp.

  • @Vespasian32 😂😂

    I've said, and done a hell of a lot in terms of PB players over the summer but only in the last week have I had the possibility of reaping rewards. Already had some PB (rashford and elvedi) and some IPD (rash, pog, sterling, sancho) and some near misses on PB (sterling and sancho) so I'm hopeful that my divs returns are gonna start increasing rapidly now that the footy is back

  • @MickTurbo since Jan been slowly building, moved savings in and monthly deposits. Now starting this season with 19k net cash put in and port worth 28k. I've always set myself deposit limits, and always broken them, but 20k should really be my limit.

    I shouldn't really deposit anymore cash for a while, so going to trust I've stocked up well on div earners to make it a self building beast this season... No doubt il get dragged in to any deposit bonuses though!

    From the start I only bought players who had stats that I thought would earn pb/mb in future. It was not the best time to buy, as many were at peak prices and meanwhile the yth bubble trend shot up whilst I was buying old men. Then I diversified and covered all markets.

    I am admittedly a lazy trader, I don't do flips, I didn't do yth, I missed all the yth mega rockets, I don't do the ipo frenzys, I don't sell up on a bad trade- I stubbornly wait it out unless they leave the pb leagues... I didn't do very well chasing the big transfers either-learning curve!

    So my profit is nowhere near as big as others. 100% sure someone like @Vespasian32 and the other day traders would have made much more than I with my cash by being more proactive and moving lumps about regularly. But I feel divs chasing versus cap app chasing is safer and provides a less hands on approach, when the market reaches peaks or has dips, the pb and mb earners still have solid value in holding. I sold around 140 holds (only 2 at a loss, one was Banega in the Galatassary panic!) that were under 50 shares to consolidate that money into the big pb earners over the summer, so my pb lumps are better this year and each win is notable now. Still spread quite thin though for safety but also because there are so many players with decent stats, catch em catch em catch em all, got to catch em all, PBMon!

  • @Westy haha cheers.

    A hell of a lot of that struck a chord suprisingly. I guess ths big differences are you've been clued up since day 1, which I very definitely was not, and you've deposited nearly double what I have.

    Other than that my approach is pretty similar. Little bit lazy, content to be patient most of the time.

    I can be impulsive at times though and even now I use IS more than I should. But from reading your post I feel confident I can do much better divs wise going forward just because I do most of what you do, and dont do most of what you dont do


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