Harry Kane

  • It is with a heavy heart I ask this question as a Spurs fan. As I have seen others prices fly I have seen Kane basically stand still. Should I sell up or is he as solid as an investment as I first thought?

  • @Squire1905

    England captain with Euros next Summer & qualifiers in between, as well as guaranteed starter at Spurs (when fit) with almost certain dividend stream????

  • @Squire1905 I'm a non holder for the reason he carries an elite price but doesn't return elite divs. During media madness paying 5 places a day for months he barely threatened at all... His MB comes from injuries from what I've seen... Maybe the odd hatrick or winner in a huge game. Spend a little more and get much more frequent dividends... Or spend less and get much better cap ap.

    Of course the argument about him being England captain in a big tournament year holds some weight but...you can always buy nearer the time... And also being England captain for the past year or so hasn't really grabbed the headlines (I wasn't on FI during World Cup... I suspect he won loads there as top scorer and captain going into the semis)

  • @Squire1905

    He will give you capital appreciation. He will win dividends. He is a good hold but there may be better ones.

  • He did win PB on Saturday to beat a sterling hattrick so shown he can win dividends. I ony hold a small amount (70ish) but want to get that up slowly. Looked really sharp in spurs preseason. Ultimately I think he's a solid hold, even if he doesn't have the huge rises of sterling and Sancho

  • @Vespasian32 who would you replace him with? Am I better off having 40 Kanes or 30 neymar/pogba?

  • @Artful-Dodger this is my thinking and I am now thinking I may be a bit impatient and frustrated seeing the massive rises around him

  • @Squire1905 you are talking to a very pro neymar pogba holder... So of course I say them. Doesnt make me right... But

    On a day lacazette has mb points because griezman sold him on football manager... Kane has 0... The papers don't care about him unless a big event occurs... Which it will... But not regularly enough to justify £5. Similarly his pb... He scores braces and hatrick so will win a few... But won't a lot of the £2-4 players win more?

  • @Vespasian32 I guess in my head, because his price is less volatile, I see him as a safer long term hold than pogba and neymar. I wouldn't look to be trading him for an unproven player such as Rashford or Sancho purely because in my opinion they are not guaranteed to score goals on a regular basis like Kane. Pogba and Neymar get divs on a regular but I see them being risky bets because of the constant rise and fall in their prices. Is this the right way of thinking/does it make sense?

  • @Squire1905 that's the crux when it comes to kane... He is 100% a safe hold. He will make you money, he will win divs and his price will go up. I cannot disagree with that... I think I have a higher risk tolerance... So rather than me thinking neymar is better than kane.. Just strategically with my personal risk assessments neymar comes out on top. I'd argue objectively in a booming market taking a higher risk/reward strategy is sensible ☺

  • @Vespasian32 might sell half my Kane then and jump on some others. I can't bring myself to sell up completely haha

  • @Squire1905 having given my opinion.. I would actually wait even if you agree... Because we are 1 game in and he won pb... I'm not massive on statistical analysis but perhaps the new matrix will suit him... Perhaps (having scored in August and got the monkey off his back) he could be in a great spot of form.. So see how his form and PB scores are over the next few games... And there will be an international break soon... If u decide to sell that might be a good spike to market sell on.

  • @Vespasian32 good call. I don't really want to sell him for less than 6 quid but I think in the short term that is slightly hopeful

  • @Vespasian32 Having held Kane for the same time as I have held all of my top 10 holds (since January 2019), I can tell you he's not a terrible pick in terms of cap app and divs combined:

    Neymar - 17.5% cap app, 16% divs - 33.5% overall
    Pogba - 31% cap app, 23.5% divs - 54.5% overall
    Mbappe - 54% cap app, 2% divs - 56% overall
    Sancho - 107% cap app, 2% divs - 109% overall
    Sterling - 140% cap app, 12% divs - 152% overall
    Salah - 22% cap app, 11% divs - 33% overall
    Kane - 45% cap app, 8% divs - 53% overall

    Kane is the only one of those who I have topped up on significantly in that time so the divs figure is a bit lower than it should be, as the majority of the divs were earned with a smaller holding.

    So I would say he's a good solid hold - in the last 8 months he's returned me comparable figures to Pogba and Mbappe, and better than Salah and Neymar. Sancho and Sterling I have gotten lucky with.

  • @Wotabeast shit that's a great insight thanks for that! It could also be argued that the sancho and sterling rises are a bit of an anomoly as they have both risen dramatically recently and following a spike like that it could be expected that they will stagnate slightly and the rest of the market catch up slightly

  • @Wotabeast I guess at that price I largely ignore cap ap... Because if that's your end game you can make much higher % at lower end... And it's a very moveable figure... In the last 3 weeks hasn't neymar had a 60p swing or so... Reaching highs and lows that would change ur % significantly... But u don't flip high end players... So it can be ignored... When he moves to Madrid he could jump £1-2? If he goes to Barca he may lose value... If he stays at psg he will jump up again... But what's key... He has returned twice the amount of dividends but is not twice the price. (as I've been saying to Dan... More frequent div returns means more frequent reinvestment and if u put those divs into various strategies like ipd players or cheapies on the rise... You are making a hell of a lot of money in cap ap... Just harder to directly quantify it against neymar)

  • He’s just a bit boring!!!
    That’s my expert analysis, he turns up scores a few goals, goes home and puts his slippers on.
    Having said that! He’ll be worth significantly more this time next year.

  • I've just bought in for reasons that dont need spelling out. But to pick up on his price standing still while many 8n the top end have rocketed, I think his time will come very soon.

    @Vespasian32 makes very valid points about him not being a media magnet for the day to day stuff the way others are, but in a booming market where mbappe is worth £6.86, and who's divs are primarily from PB, I'd say kane is due a price correction.

    It seems that him along with the top 2, are just about the only top echelon players who havent boomed in the last week, but I think they will be the next to do so

  • @Squire1905 as a fellow yid holding 1000 Kanes it is your duty to stick by your hero! Plus he is going to bang goals in for fun in a title challenge this year so MB will be boosted big time!

  • @Vespasian32 yeah - valid points. Was just trying to work our the size of my holding when Kane returned me most of those divs and I think he has returned me just more than 10% when you account for fact I used to have a smaller holding.

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