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  • Wanting a punt on a cheap player. Seen Wesley is £1.16. Anyone think he’s a good buy?

    His fixtures look great & he doesn’t seem to have much competition upfront for Villa.

    Any advice appreciated.

  • @NewUser396518 watched him against Spurs and in my opinion he seems like he might take a fair bit of time to adapt to the PL, seemed to spend most of the game on the floor after being in a tussle with a defender. Although, he is young so every chance he'll be able to adapt just think you'd have to be patient with him

  • Didn't have a great debut game but Spurs away was quite a brutal first PL game to judge him on - He should get plenty of game time as like you say not much competition up front and they paid decent money for him.

    Bournemouth, Everton, Palace & West Ham in the next 4 fixtures should give a good indication of how the rest of the season will go for him.

  • I've not seen much of him and I don't like to judge a player too quickly but he looked awful against Spurs. Definitely needs to improve if he is going to cut it.

  • gamble....

    For me it's a punt because we don't know how he'll settle in England, whether the league will be too tough for him initially or whether he'll take it by storm next few weeks and set it all alight???

    Saturdays game didn't tell us much and he'll have much easier games ahead but what we do know is he's scored 38 goals in 130 games in Belgian football which is good without being amazing... The only way he'll UP in value on this index is in scoring goals for Villa so if you believe he will, take the punt... But i'm not so sure???

  • I sold my Wesley before the season started - always a gamble with a forward moving to the EPL as it's not an easy adjustment. I would put him in the same category as Joelinton and that's watch and see for me.

  • I went with pukki over him, golden boot in the Champ last year, so played in a tougher league and moreliky to settle in the prem better and will have the unknow factor I think imo

  • I think he is a decent striker who will do well once settled. Think it's too early to judge him after the Spurs game as he is playing in a team that has just been promoted, was playing in a new league, as a lone striker and against a very good team/defence. Whilst he didn't set the word a light I think he did ok, and him occupying Sanchez allowed McGinn to break through to put Villa ahead.

    I think he will rise from £1.16, and probs increase even more when gets his first goal. In the next 30 days Villa play Bournemouth (h), Everton (h), Palace (a), West Ham (h) with a cup game at home to Crewe sandwiched in the middle. I expect him to get at least 2 goals in those games. However, I don't see him going up too much more, maybe £1.25 - £1.30 ish.

    But maybe that's just me

  • His record in the Belgian League was atrocious don't see how he's going to light up the prem.

  • He was about £0.85 when he first signed and was worth jumping on then. I suspect he is likely to hold his current price for the foreseeable. Sold my shares in him this week...

  • If he scored this weekend it will be a good punt as he will rise nicely, if not that’s the gamble, but he is pretty much their only striker

  • At risk of being shot down I actually think he was good against Spurs. Considering it was his first game, away from home against a good spurs side.

    Villa naturally had to sit deep meaning service was lacking.
    Yes he spent a bit of time on the deck but probably all part of the game plan to draw cheap fouls and break up play. Could even argue his strength against Sanchez helped create the opening for the goal.

    When he was substituted the ball certainly came back a lot quicker than when he was holding it up.

    I’m going to say he will cause a lot of problems this season for defences outside of the top 6.

    I see him doubling in price comfortably.

  • Ouch - taken a big hit on him here, guessing he didn’t play too well?

  • I bought at 1.21 after the tottenham game i actually thought he played quite well held the ball up quite well but i do think i made a mistake and at that price he should be scoring fairly regularly,

    will be holding as i do think he has potential and villa have quite an easy run of games

  • So glad I held - suddenly starting to look really dangerous after his first goal now

  • I would worry how many games he might miss from red cards.... Looks like he has a short fuse

  • Had a great game, MOM, he’ll definitely rustle a few feathers but don’t think he’s overly aggressive, will be interesting when he scores against one of the big boys!

  • He’s currently on for top forward dividends tonight!

  • @Coleyscrooge scrap that, Levante striker has just scored a second and overtaken him 🙈

  • Wesley is a great pick for tomorrow. Good chance he will score a few. Has looked sharp in the last few games!!

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