Calvin Stengs - The Next Dutch Superstar

  • Obviously I own and it will read like a pump, but I feel that this player is the real deal and thought I'd put it out there
    Only as cheap as he is because he was out injured last season.
    Scored for AZ Alkmaar again last night.
    Well worth checking out for yourself before the inevitable move to a PB league and rocketing price!

  • I didn’t know he was out injured last season, I followed him a bit from bout march onwards and thought he done quite well in the Dutch league.
    Admittedly I haven’t seen him live as of yet but will definitely keep an eye on him 👍🏻

  • @Gregolocky Apologies. Misread the article on him. It would have been the 2017/18 season.

  • I bought around 100 shares in him few months ago....big dutch talent.
    He will do bits this season in a very young and talented Az Alkmaar team.... but i reckon PSV or Ajax will grab him next summer instead of going to a pb league team...but you never know.
    One to keep an eye on tho for sure...

  • Well Calvin Stengs has continued to do the business and his price has gone up accordingly.
    Home to Man Utd tonight. Should read, home to struggling United tonight who had a big game Monday and may be looking to rest players.
    Can see A Z Alkmaar causing an upset tonight and Stengs seems to be their main man.
    Opinions please?

  • @Dronny-Gaz I must admit, I only started looking into the lad once I had read your "pump" so I have to thank you for that. I agree that between Stengs and Boadu AZ will upset a few teams this year. They are looking good and I would be very surprised to see Stengs still at AZ at the start of next season!

  • @Squire1905 'Pump' is such an overused term. I like to call it 'educating the masses'! 😁
    Does appear to be the next big star and it's nice to know that my post has helped others profit.
    I'm not greedy though - just a hat trick tonight please Mr Stengs. 🤣

  • Good prospects for sure but at almost £2 I think there is much better value out there.

  • He’s priced like a good pb league player.
    Take Dutch league performance and form with a huge bucket of salt.

  • Think he will score tonight and shoot up in value. To all those saying, £2 player playing in Dutch league... Yes logically its nonsense but when is trading logical. J.Felix hitting £4 in Portugal, Haaland £3.30 in Austria, Malen £2.61. I could go on... It's not wrong if you are making money. Follow the market trends and profit even if you may not agree sometimes.

  • @BarbayanBrawler But I guess the key to this would have been to buy him when the groups came out and not today? I'm staying away at the minute from all these types of players but need to keep adapting.
    IMO would be silly to buy now, he doesn't do anything in the game, then he drops 10p by tomorrow morning?

  • @Neil2265 I tend to agree with you and I usually stay clear as well. But thought i'd yolo it and try it with Stengs for the game later. risk vs reward. If he has a shit game then he may drop 10p... but if he scores he may increase 30-40p

  • @NewUser383114 I'm a united fan so good luck but i hope you're 10p down tomorrow haha

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