2017/2018 Assist King - Philipp Max (12)

  • Philipp Max, Full back, 56p playing for Augsburg in Germany. Been linked with all of the biggest clubs this transfer window, still daily links with Barca, PSG etc. Some more realistic links lately with Atalanta (also in the Champions League)

    In 2017 he had 12 assists and 2 goals in the Budesliga. Last year he had 4 goals and 2 assists which is still a decent return for a defender. He's a fanstastic crosser and dead ball specialist. One way or another it's very unlikely he will be at Augsburg next summer and he could be on the move to a top club and 56p will be a bargain (especially if he moves to a CL club or a Premiership club in January or next summer)

    Am I missing something with this lad? Surely worth researching.

  • Just searched for any talk of him on the forum and this post with no replies came up.

    He seems to have carried on his form this season with 2 goals and 4 assists already and have you seen his crosses stats? Last 3 games has been around 7-15 each time.

    Attacking full back who fits the matrix perfectly. Only reason he’s not £1.50 yet is he plays for Augsburg but they won’t go down this season and he will either stay or move to a bigger club.

    I have money set aside to top up on him in January during the winter break and believe he’s one of the most under valued players on the index.

    73p for all of the above...I’ll have some of that.

  • Personally love this guy, posts good scores & PB winner with goals & assists

  • @OldhamSam

    I looked at him a year ago and decided against it. Although he has risen since then!👍

    He is a decent player, but I doubt he will ever end up at a top club. He is not a capable enough defender to play at the very top.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he moves to a slightly bigger club, but more than likely remains within the Bundesliga. Possibly back to Schalke, where he started.

    He definitely has the potential to rise further at 73p, but I wouldn't expect him to surpass the £1 mark anytime soon.

  • Boom! First goal tonight, that’s 3 for the season from left back!

  • Haha fuckin 'mad max' ... gonna make me eat my words are ya mate??

    I reckon I must have pissed him off ... 🤣

    He has never scored 2 in a game before. 🤠

  • Didn't realise he is on penalties? That's temporary I guess? Still good though.

  • @Metropolis boom I hold 500 from 3 weeks ago, nice 4p of ipd and pb 👌 get in max

  • @MUFC a great start to the footballing weekend. If he keeps the penalties duties then he’s a great hold. Also noticed he played as a left midfielder tonight so that will only help him if he stays there for a while.

  • I wanted to get on him not that long ago at 47p but went elsewhere. Approaching 100% and this would have been the 2nd pb win hed given me 😭😭😭

  • Beautiful Max my man, biggest hold on the index #havefaith lol especially as I sold Renato bout 2 weeks ago 😂

  • is he on corners/free kicks? reading this i understand he is a backup pen taker?

  • Another goal for the full back (playing left midfield).

    Currently (and forgive me if its not permanent) he's taking the free kicks, corners and penalties and playing as a winger but listed as a full back. 3 goal in the last 2 games and still under £1.

    Winter break will be a great time to top up IMO!

  • @OldhamSam If he keeps going like this it will be time to just get over not jumping on him a month or so ago (I'm sure he's been on many a radar) and enjoy the future growth and divs from this point on.

  • Welcome to the 100% club Philipp.

    Feel like I'm on Twitter with a post like that.

  • @OldhamSam Fair play. You do seem to keep finding them. Will be waiting with baited breath for your next ‘gem’! 😉😂😂

  • I only post the one's that come off (Shelvey and Max so far), there's a few bad one's I'm trying to shift (Inaki Williams and Mertens).

    Now an assist for Philip Max from a corner, outside chance of star man now if they can keep a clean sheet!!

  • Nearly bought at 47p, just keeps kicking me in the teeth

  • @Allams-Out I'm in the 100% club now 👌 another 2 goals and pb win

  • @MickTurbo that's exactly my current buy price.

    Remember you bigging him up as a cheap Halstenberg type player. Surprised you didn't jump on at that point.

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