Paolo Ghiglione

  • @Pagey74 Agree and nice to get on board a promising prospect at still a low price.
    It's all a gamble but already with 2 assists I'm looking like you at long term I hope.

  • He's a definite riser, had a great pre-season too

  • I'm having fun watching him slowly but steadily move up the squad players list (700 and something last night nearly in the 500s as i write)and I got 2.50 dividends that I didn't even know I was eligible for. Thanks for the tip OP even if it happens to go tits up in the end, this guy is a great introduction to the index. I was getting bored of all my Eredivisie youths not gaining or losing anything for a week.

  • Anyone want to buy him now, I'm missing out on the new players 😢

  • @Millonarios damn thats a quick turn around , not even 10 hours .. but i wish the same too 😂

  • I know lol, I am half joking but frightened I will wake tomorrow to see Almada, Perez etc have doubled in value overnight, still delighted and confident in ghiglione though

  • @Millonarios since you hold Eredivisie youth , what can you say about Ihattaren ? You must follow right?

  • @Nikitz71 Excellent talent and future Netherlands international (star at youth levels) if all goes well with injuries etc. But very very young. Might have to hold for years before he gets a move if he is happy continuing his education with PSV.

  • At the prices of the ipos I would get him, Almada, Perez and verschaeren tbh, I think all of those potentially are 4 to 7 pound players in a few seasons time.

  • @Millonarios you can IS now !! Got Ihattaren , Almeda and Verschaeren , thanks

  • Thanks, I got a few of each too.

  • @Nikitz71 I think it's definitely the right move for now, these players are future superstars hopefully, Almada is dubbed the new Messi, Ihatteren was a star player of a European championship winning u17 Dutch side and Perez is getting minutes and even assisting goals for Barcelona already.

    Frustrating to lose potentially 5p of the profit for Ghiglione but I am going to buy more in him in the next 2 weeks.

  • More people clicking on which is good to see. Same age and better record than Orsolini (£1.12) so far. Only 3 games gone inc cup though so hard to judge but great find mate!

  • Bought 1000 yesterday after reading up and can't wait fienthe international break to be over already.... does anyone know if he plays in the u21's?

  • Paolo Ghiglione - Such a great tip thank you! 50% up already, can really see him reaching the 90p-£1 mark.

  • He’s still undervalued.... Given age, position and start to season. Yes he was unknown previously but I can see him being up by 70p mark after international games

  • @Schmitcattaxi said in Paolo Ghiglione:

    Bought 1000 yesterday after reading up and can't wait fienthe international break to be over already.... does anyone know if he plays in the u21's?

    He's 22 so I doubt it. Did play for U18s, U19s and U20s but no caps at U21 level.

  • Aged 24 Antonio Barreca (28p with only a 1p spread) plays on the opposite side to Ghiglione and is also down as a defender. His goal and assists stats are not as impressive however he has a slightly better crosses per game stat. Between them they are averaging 12.5 crosses this season (overall average is just over 8).

    These 2 could be become a deadly duo in terms of assists for Genoa this season.

  • There's another one today for freiburg. Christian Gunter 36p.... he's listed on FI as a defender but he is playing as an attacking lwb. He has 1 goal and an assist in today's game.

  • @Millonarios game finished, he has a clean sheet too, and hes 34p not 36p

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