Monday’s IPOs

  • Not sure if there’s any value, any thoughts?
    Cairney @ Fulham might move.
    The man city striker, Moreno?
    Thoughts welcome!

  • I think you've nailed it from what I can see but the lower division players did do very well on IPOs a couple weeks ago but still don't think Cairney or Saiz are of the same quality.

    Apparently Tetteh wanted to join Man U 2 years ago and Arsenal wanted Sadiq 2 years ago but nothing to show recently.

    Moreno probably has the most potential but a 70p starting price is a little high for a player who has just been loaned back to South America for a year (didn't get any game time or manage to prove himself at Girona) I would add him to the watch list though, he's played a few games for Colombia and could well make their WC squad, they've got a very winnable group and if he was to do a James Rodriguez no doubt he'll be back to City over the summer and see a big price rise. A lot of ifs there though :-D

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