What's everyone's strategy as I'm doing shit?

  • It seems like everyone is doing well on here but all the players that I have bought are either not getting started or are fucking injured. So frustrating. What do you guys look for when buying players?

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    @Tom7471 feel free to post your portfolio. People will be more than happy to help

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  • @Tom7471 Patience is the best strategy. Remember why you picked the players in the first place. If you still feel the same way, wait it out. Should come good at some point.

  • There are plenty of us doing bad right now we just tend to be less vocal 🙂.

    Like other have said just be patient - your players will shine at many points throughout the season, your players will soon look cheap in comparison to those who have had big rises.

    There is no secret strategy sometimes you just have to hold out during these bad patches.

  • Thanks guys. I hold Eder militao 1000 shares (not starting), buendia 800 shares (played but no dividends or rises), Reece James (injured), 600 ismalia sarr ( didn't start), 800 shares grimaldo (not starting), 1300 shares ozan kabak (injured) 1300 shares Adam Webster (not starting), Renato tapia 1600 shares (not getting any dividends for obvious reasons), Sebastian Haller 400 shares (didn't start), 1000 shares maupay (didn't start). Also have some other players that I assumed would be playing but aren't getting the chance to play. Very frustrated.

  • @Tom7471 there but for the grace of fate... Mine is doing well after a disastrous summer as I finally took the plunge and invested in some top 10 players and sold up some riff Raff. So I'm up a quid on players like Sancho and rashford. But if you have invested in players in the 1 quid or lower region like I normally do and starting to do again just be patient. It goes in cycles. Soon Sancho etc will hit a peak, and the now huge gap between them and others looks really appetizing. And they will rise. Capturing when the cycle is is one of many strategies to make money here

  • @Tom7471 I agree. I'm the same. You hear on here how much people are making, but I reckon there are 10 fold losing

  • @Incolrabaaz absolutely correct. I wouldn't take much notice of what people are saying. I got commended for starting a self deprecating thread asking whose summer strategies failed. It shouldn't need to be commended, but there are so many braggers here. But the reason is simple. If people are gonna solely pump, they wanna show they have the golden touch of success. So won't admit failure

  • Doesn't matter how good you're analysis is or how good your selections are, injuries is something you just can't control. It's frustrating but prices will rise when they recover.

    For example, Kabak is 19 and very highly rated. If he performs as expected then there will be a move to a big club in the next couple of years, with lots of speculation in the mean time. So long term that looks a good hold.

    Despite the rocket ship emoji, not every player is making huge rises. I find that if your port is diverse then there is usually some risers while others are stagnant or dropping.

  • @Artful-Dodger I couldn't agree more!!🙌

  • @Tom7471 I have bought recently players for starting, who have become second fiddle. I am about 30% up since march but have made a lot of bad decisions. Overall trust in the platform x

  • My general learning has been you can try and buy low and sell high etc or buy he next diamond, but there’s very few who can find that player. Otherwise we’re all in it together, and by that I mean if everyone’s opinion is the same players rise, if you’re far away from what the rest of the users see you’re on your own. In this logic I think buy players who play, goal scorers benefit from a rise, as do marquee players or we’ll known ones to watch. Otherwise steer well clear because if no one else knows then the price isn’t going anywhere.

    My other tip is don’t panic sell. If you’re late to react to bad news then ride it out. My biggest loss could have been Bale, his price dropped like a stone. I knew he would recover and as such I backed that hunch heavily so smooth my losses (obviously this means you need a bit more money to turn it around). In the long run this platform grows so if you wait for the player to recover he will bounce back - remember 2% commission on the sale price

  • @Tom7471 wjat prices did you get in at? The timing is almost as important as who.

  • It’s only the first few games of the season pal, most if not all of your players will play and probably score a goal or two over the season and you’ll see nice rises.
    Relax and go for a pint, it’s the weekend after all 👍🏻

  • @Tom7471 that's a lot of wedge in players that are not proven! I'd try n get some mb players with good pbs,

  • Thanks for the help guys. It's reassuring that not everyone isn't flying and doubling there initial portfolios in 6 months!! Well I have held militao for months when I heard he will come to Madrid at 89p so I have lost a little on him if I instant sell which I think I will as Zidane is a Muppet. Isak was around £1.24 so made a little on him. Grimaldo was £0.82p so I'm 11p down on him and 3p down on kabak. It's no disaster but I never get dividends and seem like I might be picking the players wrong. I think buying players that others might not know isn't always the best idea and injuries like you say are just bad luck.

  • @Tom7471 Militao, Isak and Kabak have also just had a transfer, people often sell once a transfer has gone through.
    Also most new signings take a period of settling in to the team and surroundings.

  • @Tom7471 patience is key! You have decent number of shares in each so it will only take 1 good game week from any of them to spike so you can flip.
    On another note. If you can post who you are buying next so we can avoid them....🤣🤣👍

  • @Tom7471 im super new to the platform starting low seen how the market reacts on matchdays has been an eyeopener today and yesterday, i agree with most patience is key in your position with those share numbers i would of diversified and lumped in some proven mb,pb winners to tick over, good luck sure things will turn round ☺ me personally ive started low so im only looking to 30 days a player, and some day trading while a grow my port to be able hold players more long term.

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