Kevin De Bruyne

  • @Clover hopefully bookies willfinish because lets be honest nobody likes then when they take your money =D

  • @Munchie63 yeah my 7 day % showed around 800 ..its currently now 598.....i dont sell at all ive withdrawn nothing in 2 months its all sitting there in the portfolio..bit risky but im trying to judge it all.....if i sell the likes of sancho now for the £200 profit hes got then if i wanted to get him bk he would cost me £7 rather than the £5 that i got him at so my strategy is long term

  • @janner73 i was 600 up last weekthats half my overall profit so far i thought it was too good to be true lol nice one for the insight tho taking everything on board =)

  • @janner73 defo need a div increase... No one talking about it because the top price hasn't gone to £10 yet or anything crazy... But players in the mid range have increased massively. Havertz for instance nearly £12 (old money) ... He went into the split between £6/7 so for him the divs have (can't remember... Halved?!) but his price has doubled.

  • @Vespasian32 what would actually happen if there was a div increase? Is it just as simple as earnings from dividends increase and that’s it?

  • @Andy in theory... But the market will go frenzy again lol meaning the divs increase probably won't result in a better yield! But yes, expected div increase would be a penny here or there to the existing matrix

  • @9stevo

    Steadily rising . . . He's one provided he stays fit will continue to rise.. . Arguabke the best midfielder in the league playing for the best team : )

  • Nearing the £4 mark now. Looks like it's happened a lot sooner than a lot of people (myself included) expected. Could potentially reach £4.50 by the time we get to international break at this rate

  • @Andy average of £1.83 👊

  • He's going to hit £5 at this rate, probably the best midfielder in the world and an assist king. Great to see him fully fit and back to his best.

  • @Wolvesfan1980 hes looking like the most consistent player on the index and is most definitely the most consistent midfielder. The other two players that are this dependable, Neymar and Messi havent shown us their ability under the new matrix yet but the best part is they are forwards so no threat to KDB. At this rate £5 is easily done hes more likely to sail past £6

  • José Mourinho, what a fine judge of potential 😂

  • @WKPlanet Kevin De Bruyne & Mo Salah = squad players/ship out on loan until they learn how to be defensive minded attackers.

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