New king of the index?

  • I thought there was a thread in this already, but sancho is closing in on the stropgba- only 7p in it!

  • Next summer I reckon hes a cert to be top, and probably by 50p

  • Imagine how ridiculous it would be, a player with 0 PB wins and 1 MB 1st place being king.

  • Not to gloat, but I did call it. 🚂choo choo!

  • @Nally i know its crazy really but the number of people buying him on here shows generally how he is thought of in the football community so its more than likely it wont take long for the media to find any excuse to write about the nations favourite youngster.

  • @Nally I think that record will be much improved by and during next summer

  • #Mbappe2020...

  • Actually Sancho is already KOTI by IS price - 6.90 vs 🐷 🐑 at 6.80

  • Sancho only beaten by a Pukki hat trick & best midfielder in world football yesterday so he will win PB this season

  • @Nally said in New king of the index?:

    Imagine how ridiculous it would be, a player with 0 PB wins and 1 MB 1st place being king.

    Farcical. Pogba should be streets ahead.

  • Mbappé just overtook Neymar at time of writing. Slowly catching up to top 2. I suspect a goal or two tonight would pull him in a lot closer

  • @Nally he's getting much closer to a PB win. His PB score was very high for a goal and assist. But yes I know what you mean if he becomes king and no divi records to prove why he's there.

  • 1p more to equal the king

  • I bought in on tuesday. Glad I did but prior to doing so i had foreseen a drop when it became clear he was staying in germany for another year. People buying potential i suppose, as I did.

    If he does overtake pog, I dont see it lasting long because pogs gonna rise next month, but longer term he looks like the new king

  • Scored one. Assisted one. Part of a team that won 5-1 in their first league game of the season.

    Still no PB reward for the above.

    Also, not a single MB article to his name thus far today.

    I agree, before anyone says it, that the lad is ridiculously talented and will end up back in the EPL at some point (hopefully at my beloved Utd). But come on. £7.12?! What for, exactly, given he won't/can't transfer out of the Bundesliga until at least January (most likely next summer if we're being realistic)?

    I get the potential, I really do, and as a football fan and an Englishman I'm delighted we have a talent like this coming through the ranks, but as a pure FI investment I am totally stumped by his price (and MBappe's too while we're at it).

    Look at his 3-month graph - Jadon Sancho was £4.95 in the middle of June. Didn't win any MB throughout Summer Madness (not a single penny, and believe me, I have checked) so can someone please explain to me what has caused a rise of £2.07? (that's almost 42% btw)

  • @LukeMalla You can't single out Sancho's rise when basically we are in a bull market and others such as Felix,Sterling,mount and probably countless others have had significant rises also.
    One thing I would say is if we are all being honest here who would you rather be investing in right now Pogba or Sancho?
    To me it's a no brainer as no pb/mb or not it's Sancho that is making me more money than Pogba and I hold both.

  • @LukeMalla as I've said, when the english window shut i expected a drop but it didnt come.
    In the end I bought at £6.83. It may be that theres a drop between now and christmas but in all honesty I would now be surprised because the obvious sell off point has been and gone, and yesterday on a triple match day he narrowly missed out on both midfielder and star man pb.
    Yes I take your point that he got G&A and still didnt win, but I think he'll get plenty of G&A and will be very unlucky not to get a few wins this year.

    Bigger picture, theres gonna be a transfer saga next summer which will hopefully end in a monster transfer fee to utd, where hes highly likely to take over pogbas mantle as pb king, with the added bonus of being English and by then only 21 I think then theres the euros, as possibly the poster boy of a young exciting england side.

    Hes likely to be in the goals a lot more than pog so everything for me points to dividends.

    U mention mbappe, now there I agree 100%. Hes not english, hes not likely to come to england, if neymar sorts himself out, mbappes got stiff competition for PB. Yes he'll get MB probably during the euros, but I wouldnt be putting money into mbappe; sancho on the other hand, has a chance of being the first £10 player post ss imo, and based on the reasons I've given

  • @MickTurbo If you could place a bet at the bookies for First £10 player post ss then Sancho would have to be odds on.

    With a much anticipated move back to PL next summer on the cards plus euros then cannot think of another player with more going for him going forward.
    Can he sustain this sort of price?, time will tell I suppose.

  • @LukeMalla said in New king of the index?:

    Scored one. Assisted one. Part of a team that won 5-1 in their first league game of the season.

    Still no PB reward for the above.

    He was very, very close. He'll be there or thereabouts a lot more often going forward.

  • 1p left in it before the new king is born 😂 cue the lion king gifs please!

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