Nuri Sahin

  • Hey guys. Just had a good look through today's on scores and noticed this guy scored 168 even though his team got beat 3-1... His current price is 34p. Am I missing something as to why he is so cheap?

    Any thoughts on him before I buy ?

  • Rather than create a new topic I thought I would resurrect this one. Despite his age, anyone think he's still worth a punt?

    Someone with more knowledge on PB scores able to share his performances so far this season? I had a look at his passing stats on Whoscored and he scores pretty highly for average passes, crosses and key passes. I must admit, I haven't seen him play - anyone watched him this season?

  • Anyone?
    Up 10p in 15 minutes. Really surprised others didn't buy in earlier. His underlying stats on Whoscored are very good which is why I decided to have a punt on him. Lots of passes, key passes and takes set pieces.

  • I don't think people like the fact he's 31. He's found his level at Bremen but yes could post some decent scores.

  • @Ellisandro
    I think you're right. Age seems to be a deterrent for many on FI. I saw the same recently with Bonucci but after a decent PB showing he has had a decent % increase.

  • Up 10p then down 5p. Should have kept my big mouth shut.

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