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  • @Levvy88 So you don't want to be informed of any possible issues before making investments?????

  • @Incolrabaaz said in IPD Not paid it yet:

    @janner73 as a new user and having bought Danny Ings yesterday (scored) and moura (scored) a week ago, how much dividends should I get? Ings 300 shares moura 281
    £3 for Ings goal and £2.81 for Moura goal assuming they were within 30 days of you buying them.

  • @Levvy88 Why? What is wrong about being informed? This thread contains lots of important information and views from all sides of the argument. I think it's a fantastic thread so far.

    It gives someone like me, a new user, the information I need to make an informed decision. This will not put me off using Football Index but now I know why my IPDs haven't come in. I know that is has happened previously and that I can probably expect it in the future. Now I can make a decision from there and choose accordingly what I need to do.

    No one wins if things are swept under the carpet.

  • @NewUser416880 said in IPD Not paid it yet:

    Just my 2 cents as a new user. I think I have been using the platform for around a week now after moving away from a few years match betting.

    First of all, I certainly haven't invested pennys. I have committed a few thousand and am trying to gain an understanding of different strategies, including making the most of IPDs.

    I understand both sides of the argument here but there is a huge forum on Profit Accumulator and I also feel that it is better for new users to be informed so they can make their own decisions. We are all adults who need to form their own opinion but I would suggest that people saying 'Don't complain, this will scare off new users' seems very underhand and comes across as 'Don't tell anyone about the issues. We need them to commit to the platform so we can make our money.'

    I would say that is far more off-putting than people basically telling the truth, though in a very emotional way. Just one person's opinion.

    Absolutely but theres a big difference between telling the truth and cursing and swearing and running FI into the ground.

  • @Pagey74 obviously but your talking like we are not all in the same boat, when i joined i had to wait for my refferal bonus so i get your frustraition. What i will say is im sure the majority of us are previous and still gamblers that use online bookmakers who are many time the size of FI and i can gaurentee we all had similar issues in terms of things like this comes with the territory.

  • @NewUser416880 welcome to the product, hope you enjoy and it's nice to hear from a new user rather than people speculating (myself included)

    I don't think anyone wants to keep the issues hush hush, but when a user is referring to being paid late as 'criminal', I'd prefer they weren't given a platform without being challenged.

    We all want the issues resolved(I want a better way of ipo'ing), but there's being frustrated by issues and making stuff up about a ceo's motives

  • @janner73 I agree 100% but that is why as a new user it is my own responsibility to read all the posts on this thread and then decide what I am going to do. I am not going anywhere but another new user may decide that it is not for them. That is just the way it goes.

    As an adult who is committing money, basically gambling, it is important for people to be informed and then make their own decision. While I agree that people are answering very emotionally there are also people on the other side of the argument defending it calmly. That evens things out for me. People can take what they want from these opinions and decide from there.

  • The most important point to make I would say is that these delays have happened before and we have always been paid in full eventually, generally just a bit later in the day than expected. Knowing that the money will come is what would reassure me most as a new user.

  • @janner73 😊👍, what's that treble thingy being advertised yesterday then. Still learning

  • @NewUser416880 my point is this thread is a thread i would agree more with if a week down the line you still not been paid out, any issue ive had so far has been resolved in 24 hours, which is a lot sooner than i can say for some online bookmakers.

  • I would suggest that anyone complaining on this discussion forum that feels so strongly about the recent issues take their grievances to FI via the correct channels:

    Complaints and Disputes

    Receipt and Recording of Complaints
    Should you wish to make any Complaint, please feel free to choose any of the following methods:

    • Write to us to ‘Compliance’ at BetIndex Limited, Maxwell Chambers, La Colomberie, St Helier, Jersey. JE2 4QB
    • Send us an email, addressed to Support team, BetIndex at support@footballindex.co.uk; our Support team will review and confirm to you if this is a complaint and redirect you to email complaints@footballindex.co.uk
    • Let us know over live chat that is located on the company’s website within the customer support page
    • You can call us on 0800 066 2650

    Upon receipt of any complaint, we will get in touch with you to discuss the matter reported. The investigation shall begin within one (1) Business Day. All Complaints shall be acknowledged in writing within one (1) business day of receipt. The acknowledgement shall inform you of your Complaint’s Reference, by whom the Complaint is to be handled.

    Once we make the final decision, we will notify you using your preferred method of contact. If you are still dissatisfied, you may refer your dispute to our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) IBAS or refer the matter via the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform. Please however ensure that you have fully exhausted our complaints procedure before contacting IBAS or ODR.

    Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS)
    https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage is a
    third party organisation that settles disputes that arise between betting/gambling operators and their customers after they have been through the operator's own internal dispute procedures and if deadlock exists.

    Online dispute resolution

    Complaints Handling
    Subject to delays arising from circumstances beyond BetIndex’s reasonable control or beyond the reasonable control of the staff member handling the Complaints, they shall be fully investigated, decided upon and a Recommendation made within fourteen (14) Business Days.

    If additional information or evidence in support of the Complaint is required, you shall be contacted using your preferred method of communication, stating clearly what information or evidence is required. Any delay in your response to such a request may delay the resolution of your Complaint.

    If you are unable or unwilling to provide information or evidence requested, reasonable endeavours shall nevertheless be used to resolve your Complaint. If, however, it is not possible to uphold the Complaint in the absence of the requested information or evidence, the Complaint may be closed and we will inform you of the outcome.

    Your Complaint shall be examined and evaluated, taking full account of all relevant statements, information, evidence and circumstances. Full objectivity and fairness shall be maintained at all times.

    Confidentiality and Data Protection
    All Complaints, Appeals, evidence and other information gathered, held and processed in BetIndex shall be treated with the utmost confidence at all times. Your personal information collected by BetIndex shall only be collected, used and held in accordance with BetIndex’s Data Protection Policy

  • @Scott-M stock exchange once oin ablue moon f1 every other week 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • @Moukoko Cheers. I'm enjoying it here. Been glued to the screen and app all week but its good fun. I was thinking of making a thread later to get more information and advice from the experienced heads here.

    I totally get it. Criminal is a very strong word and I get that a lot of conjecture is being used. This thread is important though it shows a healthy balance of opinions. I would be very suspicious if I read this thread and everyone was calm and patient while waiting for their money. I guess some people just get fed up and want to vent but you have to take everything you read on forums like this with a pince of salt, particuarly if you are new.

  • @Scott-M finally yipeeeeeeeeeeee

  • @Incolrabaaz dividend payment payments are different depending on single, double or treble. Non matchdays are treble media

  • @janner73 Whilst I realise all adults don't swear I didn't for a minute think that adults would be offended by seeing it (apologies). I'm not running FI into the ground just telling the truth on what I've experienced. I enjoy the concept of FI but what I cannot accept is Traders investing hard earned money into the platform and then having to accept shoddy systems in place. New users should be aware of any problems and traders who suggest that it should be kept quiet to me that is very underhand and unfair. The purpose of this forum is to help people is it not?

  • @Levvy88 I've had my fair share of problems with bookies over the years so I can certainly support this. Most bookies have a live chat option though, which is handy for settling the nerves or getting the ball rolling on payouts.

  • Winnings are coming thru now, just recived my pukki div winnings

  • @NewUser416880 That's fair enough. Its the confrontational and aggressive tone that has annoyed me more than anything.

    I completely agree that the tech issues aren't acceptable - but I also believe FI already know us hence Nasdaq. But even then there's not a tech company in the world that doesn't have tech issues from time to time. The claims that Betfair, Corals etc are all so wonderful simply aren't true and I've experienced payment issues with all of them at one time or another. So then it becomes important to resolve things quickly and communicate, and FI have improved dramatically as far as communication is concerned.

    Issues happen, and we all need to accept that although they should be less often.

  • @Pluko said in IPD Not paid it yet:

    Winnings are coming thru now, just recived my pukki div winnings

    Yeah got my KDB but still not aiting on IPD’s

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